January 30, 2014


DSC01452Hello Family,

Things here are going great!! The language is hard but I’m getting the hang of it. I have adjusted just fine unlike others who are here. Some missionaries have been struggling with homesickness. I love you all but I’m grateful I don’t have that problem. My mind is in the zone and I’m here to do the work.

Days are LONNNGGG!! Its ruff in that aspect of things. Gym time is precious time. It’s an hour outside of those stuffy classrooms. 9 weeks is going to be ruff. A lot of sitting and struggling with Nihongo (Japanese). But I’m excited to be here and grateful to be learning a language.

I have met some awesome people here from all around the world. There is a sister from Fiji and I told her we’re gonna become the best of friends so that when we are done with our missions I would come visit her. How awesome would that be! So many missionaries are going to Japan and Korea. I’m thinking it’s one last big push for them to hear the gospel because something may happen soon. 😦 Just a thought I and other missionaries had. Don’t worry though. I will be safe. I was promised a husband after this and that can’t happen until i’m home :_)

I heard through the grapevine that Kylan was on campus the other day doing TRC. He volunteered to have the Japanese speaking missionaries practice a lesson on him in nihongo. I was sooo excited to hear that I might run into him sometime in the future. Ky keep volunteering, I’m sure we will run into each other eventually.

Everybody should set up a dear Elder account so I can hear from all of you.
{go to http://www.dearelder.com and create a login and on the right hand sidebar select ‘send a letter to the MTC (provo)’ Contact info you’ll need is just below}

Love you


Brox Shimai (sister)

Sister Heather Brox
2007 N 900 E Unit 29
Provo UT 84602


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