February 13, 2014


ImageHola Family!!! I mean konichiwa!!!

Things have been fantastic here at the MTC. Yesterday my companion Sister Handy and I had a humbling experience. We teach the discussions to the teachers who act like investigators. And we have to give them in Japanese. Well we did not prepare as we should have and it showed. We Bombed!!! After we were done with the lesson my companion started crying because we knew we dropped the ball. I mean we really aren’t very good to begin with but when you don’t prepare its even worse!! I have learned my lesson and actually I’m grateful for it because it will help us be better missionaries when we get out there.

I have learned it is all in the journey (preparation) that we really learn. My companion is just a crazy cheese ball who is so outgoing and loving!! I have so much fun with her. I’m definitely the more serious out of the district (it must be my age) ha ha. I really enjoy them though. I tell them they keep me young at heart. I’m known as the girl with all the crazy stories. Sister Taufaga will ask for stories from me all the time. All the girls love the fact that I have kissed Imagine Dragons boy Dan Reynolds. I swear, I will use that were ever I go. I get so many cool points for that one.  They just think I’m crazy.

The language is still a struggle. Sometimes I think I’m going backwards instead of forward. I didn’t get to see Kylan Monday. I was bummed about that. I’m really praying for ALL of you guys!! I love you all so much!! My companion has gotten a package every day this week from her mom. Our room is a mess. She has so much candy and junk food that I have refused to partake of because I am determined not to gain weight while I’m here. She let me have some of her candy to send to the kids for valentines day. I have been so good not drinking any soda.

That is about it for this week. I love you guys!!!

Brox Shimai

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