February 20, 2014



Konichiwa, mina san (Hello everyone)

Hello Family,

Another week down and I’m about half way there. It’s getting pretty exciting. I feel like I haven’t progressed any with the language. It is been frustrating but I don’t let myself get to mad. I get the feeling most of the language won’t be learned until I get out there. I just hope my first couple of companions are good with the language.

Sunday Sister Handy and I taught a lesson to our district for Sunday school. We taught about repentance. We did well. I told the story about “The Room” . If non of you have heard of it I suggest finding it. It is so good. Well that talk sparked something with the sister’s in our district. One of them felt a wave of guilt come over her after the lesson. She knew she had some unresolved things to take care of. She thought she could take care of it on her own and so she tried and then pushed it in the back of her mind until Sunday. Well They call me mama Brox in the district because im way older then all of them. The sister came to me to ask for advice. I told her what i felt like she had to do and i took her down to the front desk to call President Johnson and make an Appt right away. She was afraid of being sent home but after talking with her she was ready to accept what the President would have to say. The Talk with President went great and immediately she felt so much better. He had to talk with other priesthood authorities and they prayed about it and felt that they wanted her to stay and finish her mission. She was on cloud 9. When that Sister was done talking with the President the second time, she decided to tell her doryo’s (companion’s) why she was meeting with him. Well her saying something to them made another sister think and She felt a wave of guilt hit her as well. She came to me asking for help because she knew I had Helped the other one and I talked to her. She thought she had everything resolved but there was something still eating at her. I told her to call President Johnson and make an appt. I told them more then that but after talking they felt confident enough to go through with it. She spoke with President today and she told him everything and even that she had gone to a bishop before and he told her that she has to forgive herself and let it go. When she got back from the appt. she gave me the biggest hug and they all are so very happy.

The power of Repentance is amazing and I feel so honored to be the one they came to. My setting apart blessing said that I would be doing that, helping others.

Mom , dad, did you get my letter? My sick day letter? Well to everyone who may not have known because I only wrote mom and dad, but I was sick from sat- mon. Even on Sunday when we gave our talk. I was extremely nauseas, not so much throwing up (all though I did do that a couple of times) but just an unrelenting uneasiness in the pit of my stomach. I didn’t go to the doctor on Sat because I thought it would be gone by the next day. Sunday it was closed and then Monday it was closed. Monday I went to the front desk and called the doctor over the phone. I got some nausea medicine from the front desk with Gatorade and was told that if the pills don’t work and I get worse then i would have to go to the emergency room. well all is well because if that were to happen mom and dad would have gotten a call from me. 🙂 Fortunately the nausea went away but it was a blessing in disguise because that was when I was able to talk to the first sister when she was staying with me so my companion didn’t have to lose a whole day (they switched off). I got sick a couple of days after getting the rest of my shots done. I do think that had something to do with it, and then Valentines day I had so much candy, I think my body refused to let anything in. It just shut down. I’m good now. My health is back to a 100%.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. I had to be sick to be able to talk to that sister. I do see the Lord’s hand in my life everyday. I’m grateful to be here. I’m excited to get out there!! I love you all!! Please write and update me on everything!!! Me and another Elder are the ONLY ones who have not gotten a package :_) hint hint. My companion gets a package every single day almost. It makes all the other missionaries in my district mad :_) ha ha. I don’t mind it too much although I hate that it takes up so much space in the dorm. Plus she squeals like crazy and that gets annoying :_). Well I love you all!!!

Love, Brox Shimai


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