February 27, 2014


So I am coming to the peak at the MTC. I only have 3 weeks to go after this week. That will go by so fast!! I can’t wait I’m starting to get butterflies just thinking about it : ) I feel like I have made I break- through with learning the language this week. I kinda get it. I’m still far from being good by any means but at least I feel like I’m doing better. I’m hoping I will be prepared enough by the time I get out there.

Monday night my companion Sister Handy broke her permanent retainer by eating a jaw breaker. She was so sad at first and then found out that we would probably be taken to an orthodontics office outside the MTC. She got so excited to go to the outside world. You really do feel so trapped being here for so long. Tuesday we went to the orthodontist and the people there were so nice. The best part was being able to listen to music. It was a nice break away from the MTC.

The weather has been so nice out (except today), we would take our studying materials and study outside. Today it started raining.

I got a letter from President Wada in Japan. He was saying how we will be flying in on a Tuesday (3 weeks from now) and staying a couple of days at the mission home. Wednesday will be orientation and Thursday is when we get our new companionship and shipped to our new areas. That just made it so much more real. We are to pack clothes and things we need for those couple of days in our carry on cause our other baggage will be shipped to our areas.

I feel like Sister Handy and I  have grown much closer. I love her so much. She is so funny. She reminds me a lot of Stasha.

Sunday we had a great devotional. Brother Heaton spoke to us and he talked about why do people convert. He  asked the question, If we weren’t members now would we convert and Why? He had people stand up and asked them to answer the question. Then he had the kids who were converts stand up and tell us why they converted. Then he had the kids who were members, fell away, and then came back to the church stand up and tell us why they came back. It was when those kids stood up that I felt this overwhelming love for them. I was so happy and over joyed that they decided to come back. I knew I was feeling a glimpse of what Heavenly Father feels for those people, when His lost sheep are found again. I had the impression that my job is to try my hardest with the less actives. All souls are precious to God but it is those who have accepted the church and fell away that will have a tougher judgment when they face Christ. It just makes me hurt when I think of those who fell away. Well that was my spiritual insight for the week. Nothing else has really happened. I love you all so so much!!! Keep writing me. I love to hear from you all!!Love Brox Shimai



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