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20 March 2014



I leave Monday morning at about 6am. I don’t have the itinerary in front of me because I left it in my classroom. I will grab it and write again and tell everyone the official plan. I saw Kylan Monday. It was so fun to see him and Emi!! He snuck me in real food!! B-DUBS. (Buffalo Wild Wings) Sister Handy was freaking out. It was so funny.I love my Family, they are the BEST!!! Life has been good. I’m so excited to get out there. I am stressed out because of all the packing i have to do and it is not fun. i have had to re pack my bag like 6 times already trying to get everything to its proper weight. This weeks letter is going to be short because i’m to tired to think. This is seriously all i could muster up for my email because my brain is shutting down. How is everyone? I pray for you guys every night!! I love you all.

Love Brox shimai


13 March 2014



Next week I leave and tomorrow I get my flight itinerary…..Awww Freak OUT!!! I’m so excited.  

I got to see Kylan Monday. That was fun!! I only get one more Monday.

This week was really good. We got 19 Nihongin’s (Japanese people) in on Wed. and they leave March 24th with us. I can barley talk to them but the girls are sooo stinkin’ cute!!! They are bubbly outgoing girls who laugh at everything we say. A couple of them can speak a little bit of English but not much.

We had a speaker Monday that talked to us about Japan. It was so good. When President Heber J Grant was an apostle he went to Japan to open the Keys of Heaven in their land and the work was open to perform ordinances and baptisms. When he was there he prayed for Japan and Brother Taylor (a witness) said it was the most beautiful and most powerful prayer he has ever heard. When President Grant returned to Salt Lake City he reported to the Prophet at the time and said this….. “I have no doubt in my mind that Japan will be one of the most successful missions ever established in the church…..The work may be slow at first but they will grow with great numbers that even the world will be astonished of its growth.” These are not the exact words. I could only get half of the quote before he changed the slide. But it is close. How amazing is that?!! And I get to be a part of that work.

I already have such a love for the Japanese people. I know it will be hard at times but I am determined to give it my all.  I love you all!! The church is true and God will return again. Let us prepare for that day.

Aunt Marsh says I have two girl angels helping me in the work. What a comfort to know that I have family on the other side helping me in the work. I love it, I love it.  Keep on keeping on!! Pray always and be humble enough to do it on your knees. I love you!!!!!

Brox Shimai

6 March 2014


Hello Everyone. Im doing great! Like last week I do feel a progression with the language. It has been awesome. Things are just clicking (FINALLY).

I dont have a lot to say about this week. Not much has happened. I mean I guess my comp and I found this cool room that had  skyline Ceiling panels. We went to study in a different room to discover that it had this awesome ceiling. Sister Handy and I decided to create a game (and we will be providing pictures) for fututre missionaries. It will be a Scavenger hunt type thing. We will provide all these pictures and when they get to the MTC (on p-days) they can go search for them. We have found a room full of clocks from around the world, there is a big room just filled with pillows ( we haven’t found that one yet) and then there is a random green room in the middle of some offices. We asked about the green room once and all that was said was that the only people inside are the ones who take care of the plants….Hmmm curious. Anyways we are now on a quest to find all these secret rooms around the MTC. It will be fun.

We did get some new missionaries in this week that are in our zone. I have yet to meet them. I have been getting more irritated with the boys in my district. They can be really YOUNG at times and it bugs me. I often just keep it to myself but when they use there title to get what they want It makes me mad…. For example,  the girls are always cold and the boys are always hot and so the temprature gadge gets changed all the time (But not by me) and yesterday Elder Gammon started to complain because someone turned it up. Long story short we kinda (but not really) got into it  I was just so tired of the bickering and then he said WELL IM DISTRICT LEADER so the temprature gets to be what he wants it at…… WHAT?!!!! are you kidding me. That made me soo mad!! I didn’t blow up at him I just said wow power hungry. Dropping the title because he feels like he is higher then everyone. This was not the first time a boy has done this. Using their titles to get personal gain. All I know is that when I talk to the President he will be hearing about that from me. Am I in the wrong about this?  I just feel that the priesthood is not to be use for personal gain unless it was directed by God. Which in this case I really don’t think it was. It makes me mad that these boys think they can use the priesthood and these titles to get what they want. I think it is Misusing the gift of the priesthood in which it was truely meant for. I don’t know.

At this point I’m just ranting in which I am not supposed to do in a family letter. But oh well these are the stories I have for the week so I’m going to share it. :_) I really have nothing else…..

I Love you All!!!!
Aishtemasu (love you)
Brox Shimai