13 March 2014



Next week I leave and tomorrow I get my flight itinerary…..Awww Freak OUT!!! I’m so excited.  

I got to see Kylan Monday. That was fun!! I only get one more Monday.

This week was really good. We got 19 Nihongin’s (Japanese people) in on Wed. and they leave March 24th with us. I can barley talk to them but the girls are sooo stinkin’ cute!!! They are bubbly outgoing girls who laugh at everything we say. A couple of them can speak a little bit of English but not much.

We had a speaker Monday that talked to us about Japan. It was so good. When President Heber J Grant was an apostle he went to Japan to open the Keys of Heaven in their land and the work was open to perform ordinances and baptisms. When he was there he prayed for Japan and Brother Taylor (a witness) said it was the most beautiful and most powerful prayer he has ever heard. When President Grant returned to Salt Lake City he reported to the Prophet at the time and said this….. “I have no doubt in my mind that Japan will be one of the most successful missions ever established in the church…..The work may be slow at first but they will grow with great numbers that even the world will be astonished of its growth.” These are not the exact words. I could only get half of the quote before he changed the slide. But it is close. How amazing is that?!! And I get to be a part of that work.

I already have such a love for the Japanese people. I know it will be hard at times but I am determined to give it my all.  I love you all!! The church is true and God will return again. Let us prepare for that day.

Aunt Marsh says I have two girl angels helping me in the work. What a comfort to know that I have family on the other side helping me in the work. I love it, I love it.  Keep on keeping on!! Pray always and be humble enough to do it on your knees. I love you!!!!!

Brox Shimai

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