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28 April 2014


Another week has come and gone. Let’s see, what happened this week. Well Wednesday we woke up super early to teach early seminary class. We get there and we didn’t have to teach at all but they did want us to share our testimonies of the Atonement. What a rough day but good day. Thursday we went and did more housing in Chogo area. We decided to try and house our less actives but we had no luck. We did however find a girl who new the missionaries a couple transfers before us. She was said she would come to sports night but we never saw her. We are going back to her house on Wednesday to see if we can’t teach her a
lesson. She was a really sweet girl. She is half Peruvian/ Japanese. She really loved the missionaries before is we are hoping to re kindle that flame. Her name is Yurika san. On Saturday we were looking for a less actives house, we didn’t know the area very well and a lady
stopped to help us find our way. She is Korean and has met missionaries before in Korea. She has Christian friends and is interested in learning more. She works at a spa and does Massage. I think it was meant to be. She asked us to be her friend and wanted our number and so on and so forth. I’m thinking we have a good possibility of an investigator. We are planning on meeting on Wednesday to teach her half English and half lesson. I’m so excited. Namika San was another good PI ( progressing investigator but not quit investigator) that we were hoping to give lessons to. We had lunch with her on Saturday and every time we brought up church she said she had to go. We feel that she is just lonely and just wants friends and is not interested in church. So our plan Is to find her friends in the church. Sunday Akiko San had her baptismal interview and we found out that she is struggling with smoking so we have to postponed her
baptism. She seemed in good spirits about it and is willing to do what
ever she needed to get baptized. So she is showing faith. She told us that she prayed for help with her smoking problem and she said ” if I didn’t know before that God was there, I know now”, she had an amazing feeling come over her when she prayed and she felt so much love. It was amazing to hear her story. That’s all I have for the week. I love you all.

Brox Shimai


21 April 2014


Man do I love P-day!!! A day to kinda relax. Ok not really we are still just as busy today as any other day. I still can’t sleep in which is a bummer. Life is great here in Japan. We have doing a lot of
housing lately. Housing is tough. I think we got one person out of like 60 to actually listen to us and even then she wasn’t all that interested. We are going to go back and talk to her again because she was so nice and see if we can’t break her (with love of course) 🙂
Last Tuesday or Wednesday ( I can’t remember) we went to Enoshima
Island to try and de do there. The place was RAD!! Its on my list of places to return to and explore around some more. Yesterday we had a devotional in KIchijoji (which is another rad place) and the General Relief Society president and General Young Women’s presidency came to speak. It was pretty awesome. We had a lady come with us from our
eikaiwa class. She is the cutest old lady. Her name is Mari.  We may have an investigator here shortly. Fingers crossed. We do have another lady, Akiko, we are teaching who is getting baptized May 4. Sunday was my first time meeting her. She is very shy and it’s hard to get to know her when you don’t know the language. Mari doesn’t care that I can’t speak the language. She loves all missionaries. She was helping
us dendo on the way to the . devotional. She would just get into the conversation and testify of how cool we are. It was fun. Today we had lunch with a member. Sato Shimai. She served a mission in Canada so she knows pretty good English, which is so nice for me. I don’t know if she is divorced or if her husband died but all I know is she is single and has three kids, the youngest boy is 18 and the oldest boy’s wife just had a baby so she is a new grandmother and her middle child is a girl ( I think). She is so sweet. She told us her story and how
she came to be in Fujisawa. She just moved here 3 weeks ago. She lived
in the northern part of Japan where the big earthquake and tsunami took place. Her youngest son suffers from PTSD because of it. Fortunately her son was ok but she told us of the many people who were not so fortunate. She remembers hearing on the radio of how the day after the earthquake 200 to 300 bodies washed up on shore. Her older
son helped clean things up on the beach. He found bodies and parts of
bodies. He was traumatized as well. She is an amazing women with an amazing testimony. I have never seen someone so humble. She has been out of work since and is struggling. Her and her youngest son moved to Fujisawa to hopefully find something. Keep her in your prayers please. She wants to help the missionaries with anything they need help with. I was bawling by the time we left. She has so much faith and is hanging for dear life with the faith that she has. Amazing Amazing woman. Rainy season is upon us.that will be fun and something to look
forward to. Well family. That is all I have for the week. Congrats Kylan on your engagement. Luckily I got to see the pictures on Facebook. I’m so happy for you. And I’m so jealous that mom, dad,
Shanna and Daniel got to go to Disneyland. Uhh well. I’m in freaking
Japan!!! Ha ha. When I get back we are going to Disneyland. Love you

Brox Shimai

14 April 2014


Hello family!!! I miss you all but things are great here. Just working hard and chugging along. So I have to tell you that I have been here 3 1/2 weeks and my legs are still sore from all the biking
and walking. I’m so slow my poor companions think I’m a grandma… Ha
ha….not really. I’m not that slow but they do seem to leave me in the dust sometimes. This week we had another sister stay with us for a whole week because her companion got sick and was at the doctors. After last weeks email I reported that nothing all that fun happened but later on that night we went tracting and a girl recognized us as
missionaries and wanted to talk to us. I think she recognized guygin (foreigner) and badges. Well we got her information and she said she wanted to talk again. … How fun, my first real missionary moment….
I emailed her a day after to see if she wanted to go to get ice cream
on Saturday. She never replied the whole week. She finally replied yesterday saying she would like to go out on Saturday. I’m so excited. The inevitable is going to happen on Sunday….. I’m speaking, but luckily it’s only for 3 minutes and all I have to is introduce myself. The ward is great. We have a Brazilian family who loves missionaries.
They were converts a couple of years ago; they buy us so much food
it’s crazy. They are the nicest people. Yesterday was general conference for us. They brought us breakfast lunch and dinner and then we had food to take home. Today I was wanting American food so badly so we went to Subway. It’s still not the same as America but it was still soo good. The only thing that was missing was banana peppers. I have
been craving those more then anything….. Weird right?…. So they
have a dollar store that is off the charts, AWESOME!  I’m so happy I get to use
Facebook, the only problem is I can’t use it to communicate with you guys but it is nice to be able to see everyone and see what you are all up to. The only time I really get home sick is when I see pictures of the kids. They are soo cute!! I love them and miss them!! I love
and miss you guys too! 😉 I’m going to be sending some pictures, don’t judge too harshly, it is so hard to be a cute missionary, in fact I find it almost impossible. Your focus just becomes other things and it just doesn’t become a concern anymore. ( at least that’s what I
tell myself)  ha ha. Jk.  Japan is so awesome and fun. The gospel is
true everyone ( Hokanson Shimai says that all the time) let’s go dendo
!! Love you all!!! Write me everyone!

Brox Shimai

7 April 2014



Hello Family!! All is well here in Japan. I am learning a lot. I don’t have any cool stories to tell so it will be a short letter. I will work harder this week to get an awesome story to tell. We haven`t seen General Conference yet. We get to see it this coming week. Which is awesome because that means I am safe from speaking in church another week. They usually have new missionaries speak their first Sunday but I have managed to get out of it every week. It’s because they have something every week that prevents me from doing so. That is ok with me. I read a scripture in Japanese yesterday because my companions and I gave a lesson in Relief Society and since I’m the one who speaks the least amount of Japanese I gave the scripture. I sounded awful. It was kinda fun. I have been trying harder to talk to people and today I spoke to the cutest lady. She let me talk to her in my broken Japanese and I invited to our free English class that we teach. Missionary work is so fun when they let you try. I love it. So tell me how everyone is doing? I love you all!!!  Sorry for the short letters. 

Brox しまい

1 April 2014


Konnichiwa Mina San

Where to start with my week?!!!!

Wow, we have been crazy busy and when I say we – I mean my two new companions and me. They are so much fun. Sister Sasaki is my trainer. And then there is Sister Hokanson who is assisting in training kinda. These girls are great. Sister Sasaki is my same age and she has a twin sister too. It’s like we are the same person but different ethnicities. Ha ha. She is from Fukuoka
Japan. Sister Hokanson literally talks to EVERYONE!! She is 19 and is from Oregano. Everybody tells me how lucky I am because I have the best trainer. And I do feel so lucky.

So I’m in Fujisawa, I live in the Shondai area. I got my bike and it is blue. The weather has been great. Sakara season started and the trees are in bloom. It is so pretty. I live in a busy city with lots of people.

We went to the temple today. We get to go once a transfer. I have already met two people who are friends with Kylan. I get to use Facebook but only for missionary purposes and I get to use it only because my trainer is a sister training leader. I may not be able to use it all the time. But so far so great.

I do have jet lag but it is not terrible. I have managed to make it through the day. We don’t have anyone we are teaching right now. The ward hasn’t seen a baptism in a year. We hope
to change that of course. Tonight we are going to members house for dinner. I’m excited. There is a family in the ward that LOVES missionaries and they buy us all sorts of stuff from Costco (yes they have a Costco). They really spoil us. We have so much food it’s great.

I do my best to talk as much as I can but I can only say so much and understand so little that it is frustrating but I have great companions who help me out. Well that’s all for now. I love you all!!!

Sister Heather Brox