1 April 2014


Konnichiwa Mina San

Where to start with my week?!!!!

Wow, we have been crazy busy and when I say we – I mean my two new companions and me. They are so much fun. Sister Sasaki is my trainer. And then there is Sister Hokanson who is assisting in training kinda. These girls are great. Sister Sasaki is my same age and she has a twin sister too. It’s like we are the same person but different ethnicities. Ha ha. She is from Fukuoka
Japan. Sister Hokanson literally talks to EVERYONE!! She is 19 and is from Oregano. Everybody tells me how lucky I am because I have the best trainer. And I do feel so lucky.

So I’m in Fujisawa, I live in the Shondai area. I got my bike and it is blue. The weather has been great. Sakara season started and the trees are in bloom. It is so pretty. I live in a busy city with lots of people.

We went to the temple today. We get to go once a transfer. I have already met two people who are friends with Kylan. I get to use Facebook but only for missionary purposes and I get to use it only because my trainer is a sister training leader. I may not be able to use it all the time. But so far so great.

I do have jet lag but it is not terrible. I have managed to make it through the day. We don’t have anyone we are teaching right now. The ward hasn’t seen a baptism in a year. We hope
to change that of course. Tonight we are going to members house for dinner. I’m excited. There is a family in the ward that LOVES missionaries and they buy us all sorts of stuff from Costco (yes they have a Costco). They really spoil us. We have so much food it’s great.

I do my best to talk as much as I can but I can only say so much and understand so little that it is frustrating but I have great companions who help me out. Well that’s all for now. I love you all!!!

Sister Heather Brox


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