7 April 2014



Hello Family!! All is well here in Japan. I am learning a lot. I don’t have any cool stories to tell so it will be a short letter. I will work harder this week to get an awesome story to tell. We haven`t seen General Conference yet. We get to see it this coming week. Which is awesome because that means I am safe from speaking in church another week. They usually have new missionaries speak their first Sunday but I have managed to get out of it every week. It’s because they have something every week that prevents me from doing so. That is ok with me. I read a scripture in Japanese yesterday because my companions and I gave a lesson in Relief Society and since I’m the one who speaks the least amount of Japanese I gave the scripture. I sounded awful. It was kinda fun. I have been trying harder to talk to people and today I spoke to the cutest lady. She let me talk to her in my broken Japanese and I invited to our free English class that we teach. Missionary work is so fun when they let you try. I love it. So tell me how everyone is doing? I love you all!!!  Sorry for the short letters. 

Brox しまい


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