14 April 2014


Hello family!!! I miss you all but things are great here. Just working hard and chugging along. So I have to tell you that I have been here 3 1/2 weeks and my legs are still sore from all the biking
and walking. I’m so slow my poor companions think I’m a grandma… Ha
ha….not really. I’m not that slow but they do seem to leave me in the dust sometimes. This week we had another sister stay with us for a whole week because her companion got sick and was at the doctors. After last weeks email I reported that nothing all that fun happened but later on that night we went tracting and a girl recognized us as
missionaries and wanted to talk to us. I think she recognized guygin (foreigner) and badges. Well we got her information and she said she wanted to talk again. … How fun, my first real missionary moment….
I emailed her a day after to see if she wanted to go to get ice cream
on Saturday. She never replied the whole week. She finally replied yesterday saying she would like to go out on Saturday. I’m so excited. The inevitable is going to happen on Sunday….. I’m speaking, but luckily it’s only for 3 minutes and all I have to is introduce myself. The ward is great. We have a Brazilian family who loves missionaries.
They were converts a couple of years ago; they buy us so much food
it’s crazy. They are the nicest people. Yesterday was general conference for us. They brought us breakfast lunch and dinner and then we had food to take home. Today I was wanting American food so badly so we went to Subway. It’s still not the same as America but it was still soo good. The only thing that was missing was banana peppers. I have
been craving those more then anything….. Weird right?…. So they
have a dollar store that is off the charts, AWESOME!  I’m so happy I get to use
Facebook, the only problem is I can’t use it to communicate with you guys but it is nice to be able to see everyone and see what you are all up to. The only time I really get home sick is when I see pictures of the kids. They are soo cute!! I love them and miss them!! I love
and miss you guys too! 😉 I’m going to be sending some pictures, don’t judge too harshly, it is so hard to be a cute missionary, in fact I find it almost impossible. Your focus just becomes other things and it just doesn’t become a concern anymore. ( at least that’s what I
tell myself)  ha ha. Jk.  Japan is so awesome and fun. The gospel is
true everyone ( Hokanson Shimai says that all the time) let’s go dendo
!! Love you all!!! Write me everyone!

Brox Shimai


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