21 April 2014


Man do I love P-day!!! A day to kinda relax. Ok not really we are still just as busy today as any other day. I still can’t sleep in which is a bummer. Life is great here in Japan. We have doing a lot of
housing lately. Housing is tough. I think we got one person out of like 60 to actually listen to us and even then she wasn’t all that interested. We are going to go back and talk to her again because she was so nice and see if we can’t break her (with love of course) 🙂
Last Tuesday or Wednesday ( I can’t remember) we went to Enoshima
Island to try and de do there. The place was RAD!! Its on my list of places to return to and explore around some more. Yesterday we had a devotional in KIchijoji (which is another rad place) and the General Relief Society president and General Young Women’s presidency came to speak. It was pretty awesome. We had a lady come with us from our
eikaiwa class. She is the cutest old lady. Her name is Mari.  We may have an investigator here shortly. Fingers crossed. We do have another lady, Akiko, we are teaching who is getting baptized May 4. Sunday was my first time meeting her. She is very shy and it’s hard to get to know her when you don’t know the language. Mari doesn’t care that I can’t speak the language. She loves all missionaries. She was helping
us dendo on the way to the . devotional. She would just get into the conversation and testify of how cool we are. It was fun. Today we had lunch with a member. Sato Shimai. She served a mission in Canada so she knows pretty good English, which is so nice for me. I don’t know if she is divorced or if her husband died but all I know is she is single and has three kids, the youngest boy is 18 and the oldest boy’s wife just had a baby so she is a new grandmother and her middle child is a girl ( I think). She is so sweet. She told us her story and how
she came to be in Fujisawa. She just moved here 3 weeks ago. She lived
in the northern part of Japan where the big earthquake and tsunami took place. Her youngest son suffers from PTSD because of it. Fortunately her son was ok but she told us of the many people who were not so fortunate. She remembers hearing on the radio of how the day after the earthquake 200 to 300 bodies washed up on shore. Her older
son helped clean things up on the beach. He found bodies and parts of
bodies. He was traumatized as well. She is an amazing women with an amazing testimony. I have never seen someone so humble. She has been out of work since and is struggling. Her and her youngest son moved to Fujisawa to hopefully find something. Keep her in your prayers please. She wants to help the missionaries with anything they need help with. I was bawling by the time we left. She has so much faith and is hanging for dear life with the faith that she has. Amazing Amazing woman. Rainy season is upon us.that will be fun and something to look
forward to. Well family. That is all I have for the week. Congrats Kylan on your engagement. Luckily I got to see the pictures on Facebook. I’m so happy for you. And I’m so jealous that mom, dad,
Shanna and Daniel got to go to Disneyland. Uhh well. I’m in freaking
Japan!!! Ha ha. When I get back we are going to Disneyland. Love you

Brox Shimai


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