28 April 2014


Another week has come and gone. Let’s see, what happened this week. Well Wednesday we woke up super early to teach early seminary class. We get there and we didn’t have to teach at all but they did want us to share our testimonies of the Atonement. What a rough day but good day. Thursday we went and did more housing in Chogo area. We decided to try and house our less actives but we had no luck. We did however find a girl who new the missionaries a couple transfers before us. She was said she would come to sports night but we never saw her. We are going back to her house on Wednesday to see if we can’t teach her a
lesson. She was a really sweet girl. She is half Peruvian/ Japanese. She really loved the missionaries before is we are hoping to re kindle that flame. Her name is Yurika san. On Saturday we were looking for a less actives house, we didn’t know the area very well and a lady
stopped to help us find our way. She is Korean and has met missionaries before in Korea. She has Christian friends and is interested in learning more. She works at a spa and does Massage. I think it was meant to be. She asked us to be her friend and wanted our number and so on and so forth. I’m thinking we have a good possibility of an investigator. We are planning on meeting on Wednesday to teach her half English and half lesson. I’m so excited. Namika San was another good PI ( progressing investigator but not quit investigator) that we were hoping to give lessons to. We had lunch with her on Saturday and every time we brought up church she said she had to go. We feel that she is just lonely and just wants friends and is not interested in church. So our plan Is to find her friends in the church. Sunday Akiko San had her baptismal interview and we found out that she is struggling with smoking so we have to postponed her
baptism. She seemed in good spirits about it and is willing to do what
ever she needed to get baptized. So she is showing faith. She told us that she prayed for help with her smoking problem and she said ” if I didn’t know before that God was there, I know now”, she had an amazing feeling come over her when she prayed and she felt so much love. It was amazing to hear her story. That’s all I have for the week. I love you all.

Brox Shimai


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