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26 May 2014


“Mina San, come to me and I will give you money. And everyone will be
happy Japan” hilarious right?! We have a lady Mari San, is letting us
practice lessons on her and in return we help with her English. We
agreed to that arrangement because we were hoping it would strike a
spark and she would actually want to learn more. No hope yet but she
writes the funniest sentences. Ha ha. She loves the missionaries!
Quentin L. Cook came and spoke to us on Saturday. It was way good. We
got to shake his hand. The end was my favorite and probably the only
thing I can remember from his talk, but he gave us all powerful
blessings and one of them was that your families my have struggles at
the time I’m here on my mission but not to worry because The Lord will
bless them and keep them safe for me. What ever happens things ALWAYS
work out. Hearing aBout everyone’s struggles is a huge concern for me
but in all truth I really don’t worry about it. I have an overwhelming
peace about everything for my family at home. You guys are being
watched over and taken care of for me. This week has been good.
Nothing to great has happened. We found out from the mission President
that we have been counting our meaningful contacts wrong. We are
suppose to get 70 meaningful contacts a week at the very least. My
companion and I went from getting 100 meaningful contacts a week to 59
this week. It has been rough. Our meaningful contacts are suppose to
be a good conversation with a person where we explain what we do and
why we are here and introduce them to the church. They are suppose to
be 2- 10 minutes. That is so hard. You may think it is by the sound of
it but it is. My trainer trained me that when housing if we just
introduce ourselves and ask if they want to learn more and they say no
(which only takes about 10 seconds ) then it counts as a contact, but
my mission president said no. Man, it just made my job so much harder.
I use to like housing but now I’m thinking it won’t be very effective.
We have the best ward members. They feed us so much it’s ridiculous.
The problem is they expect us yo eat everything or they think we don’t
like the food. And they have soo much food. It literally makes me sick
by the time I leave. Plus it’s not so good on the figure. I love our
ward members but I really hate eating at their houses. It’s just so
much! I found out that we have a Costco kind of in our area. I really
want to go and get normal American food. We have been eating a lot of
sushi lately and I would really like something else. Something
familiar to home. 🙂 other then that not a lot has happened this
week. I love you all.


18 May 2014


Hello family!

I’m so happy it’s p-day. I have been so tired lately. Oh the rough life of a mission. 🙂 things are going great. We had a good experience this last week when we invited a lady (Satoko) from Eikaiwa to Questions of the Soul. Questions of the Souls is a presentation our mission president puts on to talk to all our PI’s and investigators. He always correlates it with a movie and talks about how it compares to Christ’s teachings. This last one was from the movie Gandhi. Satoko has never had any religious background and when we invited her and told her what it was about she was hesitant but decided to come anyways because when she was a teacher she had Christian students. So she figured it could help her learn about those students more. She is married and they are both out of work right now. Her husband is going to school for garden design and she is looking for a job to teach English. Well she had a great experience at the presentation. She said she learned a lot in such a short time. We gave her a BOM and she was excited to go home and tell her husband about it. We also offered to teach her about the BOM sometime before Eikaiwa she said maybe she would like that. I’m so excited. I want to teach her so bad. But with all good things comes opposition. She won’t be in town this week so not until next week are we able to possibly teach her. I just hope and pray that her desire doesn’t change.  We had Temple P-day Tuesda and as always it was amazing. I love p-days but then I hate how busy we still are on p-days. It doesn’t always feel like a day to slow down and take it easy. I’m coming to the conclusion that there is no such thing as slowing down and taking it easy. I heard there is a Costco in my area! What! I was so excited. I want to go so bad but no one else really wants to so I’m stuck! I. Just American food, like tortillas, American cheddar cheese, BANANA PEPPERS, and pickles. The pickle they have here taste weird. They are not the same. Maybe Homem Shimai will get us some stuff. Homem Shiami is a convert. She got baptized 3 years ago. Her family is from Brazil. She Loves the missionaries. When I first got here she would buy us soo much stuff but then this last month she stopped coming to church. Sister Ashby and. I were asked to go visit her from the ward. We went over to her house and we knocked on her door, no answer. We decided to go and visit another less active in the same area and come back and try Homem Shimai again. We went to the less actives house and there was no answer there either. So we were walking back to Homem Shiamai’s when she walked out of the apartment. She was suprised to see us and told us she thought we were son knocking so she was waiting for him to walk in and when he didn’t she came out to look for him. She loved that we came to see her and she came to church this week. Yay. We are
also eating lunch with her on Wednesday. She is so funny. She talks so fast so of coarse I don’t understand her but I think she thinks I do because I just smile and nod a lot. I just watch how she reacts and I will somewhat do the same. Ha ha Anyways she is great and I really felt like I did something good with her. Well that’s all for this last week. I love you all.

My mission president is awesome! I just love him. He is so blunt and not afraid to tell you how it is but you also just feel the love he has for you. He is amazing. And I love that he is so personally involved with our investigators. I live with 3 sisters in one apartment. We all sleep in the same room on futons. I actually like it. It’s of the girls is girl I knew in the MTC and I was nervous about living with her because in the MTC she was a Debbie downer. But I love her now. She just really hated the MTC. The ward is fun. I feel so lucky to be in the area I’m in because the members take such good care of us and we have a sports night every week. Not every area gets to do that. So I feel very fortunate.

Brox Shimai

13 May 2014



Things here are great! Ashby Shimai is awesome. Skyping was soo great and well needed.

Well I have been studying in the institute student manual for Old Testament and D&C. If you have the LDS Gospel app with the whole LDS Gospel library they have it on there, it is the coolest thing. I told my old companion about the book (Visions of Glory) and she was studying in the Old Testament manual when she was reading about Jonah. Then she came across the lost ten tribes as she is reading about Jonah and they tell you everything about these people. So they were from the Northern kingdom in the time of Jonah and the Assyrians. The Assyrians were really really bad people. The Assyrians conqured the Northern kingdom and other countries and they would take bunches of people to far off lands to control the population/ keep growing in power. Well the Northern Kingdom people eventually came to remember their God and they started praying to him to save them. They were released and they wanted to travel far away so they wouldn’t forget their God again. So they went to inhabit a land where NO inhabitants have lived and they took their journey to the North. (crazy right and that’s not even the best part) and in D&C it says……..: D&C 133:26

26 And they who are in the north countries shall come in remembrance before the Lord; and their prophets shall hear his voice, and shall no longer stay themselves; and they shall smite the rocks, and the ice shall flow down at their presence.

WHAT?! They will smite the rocks and ice will flow, sounds a lot like the vision. It makes me want to read the book again. I’m going to send you the pages if you want to read more about it you can. It is so cool. I would really really encourage getting the whole gospel library and study from the institute manuals. It is amazing. D&C has been way fun to read.

Brox Shiami
Here are the links for the study materials!

7 May 2014


Hello everyone,

Things have been so crazy busy this week that I haven’t had time to write. Monday we had appointments all day. We took a potential investigator ( PI) to Yamate, to tour the oldest Mormon church building in Japan. Yamate is soo fun. It’s made it on to my list of places to come back to. Yamate is next Yokohama, which is a big tourist city. So a lot of guy Jin ( foreigners) are around. After touring the church we went to china town. It was so much fun. Our PI had a lot of fun too. We got transfer calls on Monday too. I’m staying in Fujisawa but I have a new companion. Ashby Shimai. We will meet up tomorrow. I hear great things about her. I hear she is a lot of fun. So I’m excited. I actually know her brother from Colorado. He did sales last summer. How fun is that?  Sasaki Shimai is staying in Fujisawa as well and we will be staying in the same apartment, but we are no longer companions.

For Mothers Day I’m thinking I will be calling home around 10:00 am my time which means 6:00 pm your time. If people want to talk to me then you better go to mom and dads so I can do so. I am excited to hear from you all. Well everyone, this is going to be a short message. I love you all.

Brox Shimai