26 May 2014


“Mina San, come to me and I will give you money. And everyone will be
happy Japan” hilarious right?! We have a lady Mari San, is letting us
practice lessons on her and in return we help with her English. We
agreed to that arrangement because we were hoping it would strike a
spark and she would actually want to learn more. No hope yet but she
writes the funniest sentences. Ha ha. She loves the missionaries!
Quentin L. Cook came and spoke to us on Saturday. It was way good. We
got to shake his hand. The end was my favorite and probably the only
thing I can remember from his talk, but he gave us all powerful
blessings and one of them was that your families my have struggles at
the time I’m here on my mission but not to worry because The Lord will
bless them and keep them safe for me. What ever happens things ALWAYS
work out. Hearing aBout everyone’s struggles is a huge concern for me
but in all truth I really don’t worry about it. I have an overwhelming
peace about everything for my family at home. You guys are being
watched over and taken care of for me. This week has been good.
Nothing to great has happened. We found out from the mission President
that we have been counting our meaningful contacts wrong. We are
suppose to get 70 meaningful contacts a week at the very least. My
companion and I went from getting 100 meaningful contacts a week to 59
this week. It has been rough. Our meaningful contacts are suppose to
be a good conversation with a person where we explain what we do and
why we are here and introduce them to the church. They are suppose to
be 2- 10 minutes. That is so hard. You may think it is by the sound of
it but it is. My trainer trained me that when housing if we just
introduce ourselves and ask if they want to learn more and they say no
(which only takes about 10 seconds ) then it counts as a contact, but
my mission president said no. Man, it just made my job so much harder.
I use to like housing but now I’m thinking it won’t be very effective.
We have the best ward members. They feed us so much it’s ridiculous.
The problem is they expect us yo eat everything or they think we don’t
like the food. And they have soo much food. It literally makes me sick
by the time I leave. Plus it’s not so good on the figure. I love our
ward members but I really hate eating at their houses. It’s just so
much! I found out that we have a Costco kind of in our area. I really
want to go and get normal American food. We have been eating a lot of
sushi lately and I would really like something else. Something
familiar to home. 🙂 other then that not a lot has happened this
week. I love you all.


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