9 June 2014


Today was so much fun! We went to Enoshima island for p- day. We went
up and walked around all the shrines and other things. I bought some
goodies that will be fun keep sakes. And post cards. It is so hard to
find post cards here. The videos that I sent you was of Ashby Shimai
and my p- day. They show the things we saw today. It was soo fun. And
soo needed to de stress. I sent a video of me trying to throw coins
into a box. It’s suppose to be a wish box type thing.if you make it in
you get your wish. I did make a coin in but when we started taping I
didn’t make any. Of coarse right?! As soon as the camera is on, I miss
every single one. The island is so beautiful. I hope you guys enjoy
the videos. I feel so lucky to have an I pad, I can actually send
little videos to you guys and it is so easy. It makes it fun when I
can share what I’m experiencing with you. We had a good week. We met
with Satoko again, I don’t remember if I told you about her but we
gave her a BOM before and she came to Questions of the Soul where our
mission president was giving presentation on Christ and related it to
Ghandi. She loved it and said she learned so much in a little amount
of time. She was excited to go home and tell her husband. All of this
happened about 3 weeks ago. We saw her again on Saturday. We all went
to lunch and we found out more about her. She went home and told her
husband everything she learned that night. He wasn’t very happy that
she was taking an interest in religion. He was traumatized as a kid.
His dad was Buddhist and his mom converted to Jehovah’s Witness. His
parents fought a lot and almost broke up. So he blames it on religion.
But she told him that she still wants to go to eikaiwa. She has been
reading little verses from the BOM and she LOVES it! She is not sure
about a God but we testified about Him to her. We asked her what it
would mean to her if there really was a God. She really thought about
it for a while and she i said it would bring peace to her. The spirit
was so strong. We were asking all the right questions to get her
thinking about things. We couldn’t get her to commit to taking the
lessons but we said we are ready when she is. She just has to let us
know. She said the sweetest thing. She said that every time she opens
the BOM she sees our faces. How sweet was that! She also said she will
read it when she starts to get a little depressed or discouraged and
she always seems to find good verses that give her comfort. We told
her a little bit about the Holy Ghost and what she is feeling is from
God. She won’t be able to come to eikaiwa all the time but she really
likes it and when she comes she will ask us questions there. I think
this was my first Really big experience were I saw someone come closer
to Christ. It was amazing. I love you all! Thank you for your prayers
and support.

Brox Shiami


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