15 June 2014


We got transfer calls today! I’m moving to Tokorozawa! I leave
Thursday. My new companion is Sister Harper, she is from London. I’m
soo excited!! I could always have ties to England so I can visit
sometime. This week was good. Today for p- day we are going to go to
H&M at the mall. I really need new black shoes. The ones mom got me in
the MTC just before I left are falling apart, so we are going to get
me some new ones today. Last Tuesday I went on Splits with Sister
Gappmayer and we went to the mall and talked to so many people and it
was so fun. It felt the most natural and at ease when it came to
talking to people. We do splits again on Wednesday and we will most
likely do that again. Saturday Homem Shimai and her family took us to
COSTCO! It was so fun. She bought us so much food. We ate regular
American tasting food. I had a hot dog with all the works. She got us
a huge pizza to take home. It’s really nice to have extras to not have
to worry about making food and taking it places. My Japanese is slowly
getting better. I can almost do a whole lesson by myself…. Almost!
There are so many mosquitos. We get eaten alive out here. I probably
have 11 bites on my legs alone. My poor legs look so scarred and tore
up. Not a pretty site. Well sorry. My email is really lame this week.
I really don’t have much to say.  I’m excited for my new area. I think
it will be fun. It will be a nice change of scenery. I was starting to
feel a little trapt here. I LoVE Ashby Shimai but little things were
starting to drive me CRAZY! Well family, I love you! Keep me in your
Brox Shimai


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