23 June 2014


Ok wow things are so different here. I have officially moved on to a
new area and it is so different from Fujisawa. The physical area is
not much different but the way these missionaries do things here are
soo different. It’s good though. I Love my new companion. I think we
will get along just fine. She is so easy going and laid back. Not to
much gets to her so I love that. But in a way it stresses me out
because I feel like things should be done differently only because
that is what I’m use to. But no worries. My Companion is Sister Harper
and she is from London England and she has the coolest accent. She is
actually half American half British. Her Dad is American and her mom
is British. We already hit it off when we found out that we have both
read Visions of Glory, she told her mom and her mom is in love with me
now. She wants to meet me… Umm ok, I will go to London to visit :-).
As I left Fujisawa I got to say good bye to Satoko. Satoko is the lady
who came to Questions of the soul with us. She has no Christian back
ground and learned so much at the presentation. She was sad to hear I
was leaving and as we were getting ready to part she said she had to
go, she doesn’t do well with good byes and she was going to start
crying. OMG tear at the heart strings!!! I had No IDEA the impact I
had on her until she said that. I mean I knew I was helping change her
life in a way but usually the missionaries see it more then they do.
At least that’s what I thought. She made me a card with a letter
telling me how I really helped her find a job and how I helped gave
her confidence and every time she reads the BOM she thinks of us. What
an amazing thing to see. I am so happy I could see a little of how I
made a difference in someone’s life. I also said good bye to Sayaka. I
called her and told her I was leaving. She was way sad to. Sayaka Is
so funny. She is kinda taking the lessons but she doesn’t want to give
up drinking. She loves drinking to much to become a member. I hoping
over years she will change her mind. Most of her friends are Mormon
now and she comes to ALL of the activities. The Sisters from Fujisawa
says she has a present for me and we have to figure out how to get it
to me. I was also sad to leave Campos Shimai. Campos Shimai is Kylans
friend. She has been depressed lately because her husband is still in
America and she is here alone ( kinda). The new area is going to be
great. It’s going to be a fresh start. My Japanese is coming along.
Slowly but surely. Oh and the new Apartment is AWESOME! I will have to
film it and show it to you guys. We have a dryer! We are soo lucky!
That’s about it for this week. I love you guys!!!!

Brox Shimai


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