7 July 2014



今週は素晴らしいですよ!This week has been awesome. We have two more
investigators. Which makes it a total of three new investigators in
just a week and a half. And hopefully it will be four by the end of
this coming week. The only reason why it is not four is because
Fundi’s wife  was sick and didn’t participate in the lesson. But she
will be next time. This transfer has been such an amazing transfer. So
many miracles have taken place. Fundi and his wife are from Kongo
Africa. Their first language is French. They speak some English and
then even less Japanese. So we will be teaching them in English. I’m
not saying it would happen, but how cool would it be if we got Andy to
skype in on a lesson with us?!! That would be so cool. Our other new
investigator is Kondo. Kondo is a lady who has an English club and the
people she had teaching her club moved back to the states. She saw a
flyer of ours saying we taught free English so then she came to church
to talk to us to see if we would help her out. At first it felt like a
job interview. It was like she was looking for more teachers. We told
her we would help her as a community service but we can’t be teachers
as a permanent thing. So we taught her club students for two days. The
first day sister Harper and I were on splits so it was sister
Merstrand and I. We taught the first two lessons and then had lunch.
As we were eating lunch with Kondo San we started talking about church
and she was asking us questions. So then we got out the first lesson
pamphlet and started to teach her. We only got to the vision when we
had to stop and teach another class. But she was way interested and
wanted to learn more. So we had set up an appointment for the next
morning. And then we do have another referral that I feel could very
well become an investigator as well. Her name is Angela. So pray for
her ok 🙂 sister Harper has been sick this last weekend so we have
been stuck in the apartment for most of the time. But I feel that has
been a blessing because I feel well rested and ready to work hard. I
saw on Facebook that Grandpa had surgery?! Why? Why does he need
dialysis? How is the rest of the family? Rainy season is suppose end
in a couple of days which means the hot hot hot summer is about to
hit. I’m not to excited about that. But hopefully we have so many
investigators and lessons that we will be inside teaching most of the
time. 🙂 ha ha. It’s crazy to see the miracles unfold. I love you
guys. I hope everything is going well. Love you

Brox Shimai


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