14 July 2014


Another week gone. The time goes by so slow and then so fast. This
week was an ok week.  Oohing to great happened and nothing awful
happened. Although we did lose an investigator but for a good reason.
Rosie has cancer and has been getting treatment at the hospital in
Tokorozawa but she actually lives in the North mission. Well her
health got well enough that she could go home so that means we can’t
see her anymore. We have yet to have another appointment with any of
our new investigators. We went to visit Mizuki on Friday and she
wasn’t home. That was dis heartening. And then we had an appt. with
Fundi and his wife but Fundi got called into work so he had to cancel.
We think Kondo is only pretending to be interested in order for us to
teach her club English classes when she needs help.so I don’t know
what to think. The statement two steps forward and one step back is a
very true statement. I absolutely love my companion but she can be a
little on the lazy side sometimes. It just makes dendoing harder I
think. Although when she puts herself out there she really gets a lot
of contacts. Next week will be temple p- day so I will be writing on
Tuesday instead of Monday. The heat and humidity is starting to get
really hot. The other night I was so exhausted and it was because we
were out in the heat all day. And there is absolutely no point in
doing your hair because it turns into a wet mop after 15 minutes, and
makeup just drips off. I will probably not be looking attractive this
summer. Not that it really matters. I’m not out here to attract guys
or anything. I was thinking of doing before and after pictures of the
day just so everyone could see how bad it is out here :-). So how is
everyone doing? I really wish I could have been there for the Fourth
of July. I missed the fireworks. I was so jealous of the other
missionaries in our zone who got to go to the American Base and join
in the festivities. Oh well. Next year I should be there hopefully. I
love you all.

Brox Shimai


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