22 July 2014


Hello family and friends,
All is well in fact things are pretty great. Today we went to the
temple and I had one ear piece in to hear the English and then I was
also listening in Japanese, and I understood more Japanese then I
thought I would 🙂 woo hop! That means my Japanese is coming along.
My poor legs are getting eaten up by all the ka ( mosquitos). I
literally look like I have the chicken pox. It’s so gross and it
sucks!! They are actually bruised from me scratching so hard. But I
really can’t help it, they itch soo much! Arghhh! One of our
investigators’ wife went to the hospital last week. She was five
months pregnant and got some sort of infection and lost the baby. So
we went and visited them and took the elders with us and gave her a
priesthood blessing. It was a good experience. They are home now but
are recovering from the emotional trauma. Then that same day we went
to see our other investigator who wasn’t home but her husband was so
we got to talk to him and get to know him a little bit. He is from
America and is a member but hasn’t been active. It was way good
because we found out that he isn’t against us teaching his wife and he
likes missionaries. So now we have to figure out why he went inactive
and resolve any issues he may have.  That’s all the progress we have
made with our investigators last week but at least it is progressing.
Slowly but surely. I really really want to seriously start teaching
though and that is really frustrating. We have a little festival going
on down the street from our apartment right now, I attached a video.
Im sorry for all the boring emails but this is all I have for this
week. I love you guys!!!

I have to go but. Love you. I will tell you more next week.


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