28 July 2014


Hello family. This week was a good week. I asked Fundi and Kazadi to
be baptized. 🙂 they said they need to learn more first but they
didn’t say no 🙂 yay!!! It was a good experience. So we got to teach
lessons this week, it was a nice change from the last week. We taught
Fundi and Kazadi and then we taught Kondo San as well. We thought
Kondo San wasn’t really interested in church and just allowing us to
teach her so we could help her in return but I think it has changed. I
wanted to call Kondo to invite her to church even though we knew she
may not come because she told us last week she is busy. But we tried
anyway and to our surprise she said she would come and we can teach
her a lesson after sacrament. When we were at church yesterday I
thought she wasn’t going to show up but she came during the last song
of sacrament. After sacrament we were going to go teach her but she
wanted to go to class instead, so we took her to class. The lesson was
perfect. It was about the Gifts of the Holy Ghost. She loved it and we
loved it too because it was being taught by someone fluent in
Japanese. She is going to come to church again next week. Hopefully we
can get another lesson in there before Sunday but I think things are
going better then expected. And then things took a step back with
Mizuki San. We haven’t been able to see her again but we did see her
husband again and talked to him some more. He says she is having a
hard time right now and isn’t up for having visitors right now. I
asked him if we could eventually teach them together and he said he
would have to ask her about it but I don’t think he wants to. And I
think Mizuki may have changed her mind about taking lessons but we
aren’t going to give up until they tell us no. ( without being pushy
of coarse) . We got transfer calls today. I’m staying in Tokorozawa
with Harper Shimai. I’m excited, it will be fun. That’s it for this
week. I love you all!!!

Brox Shimai


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