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25 August 2014


Well this week was great. Because I was able to cry out all my
frustrations and get an injury that made me realize I really do want
to be here I have been much happier. My mission president has been
great, I told him everything, when I was upset and didn’t hold
anything back, so of coarse like far away from home father he reached
out to me to make sure I was ok. He really wants to help me, so he is
signing me up for a tutor to learn Japanese. Me and a few other
missionaries are getting special treatment. I’m super stoked! I can’t
wait to get better! My foot is getting better. It still bruised and
achy but the mission doctor says he doesn’t think it’s broken but it
definitely is sprained. But it was a blessing in disguise. The Lord
really does work on mysterious ways. My companion and I are just
trying to have fun. She only has one transfer left and then she goes
home. So we are focusing on making the last times count and memorable.
I played a prank on her the other day. There is an Elder whom she does
not like at all, so when she was in the shower I wrote on her mirror
and taped a bunch of hearts everywhere.  On the mirror I wrote future
mrs. Quilter and the hearts told there ” love story”. So the video I
am sending is her reaction. I could get her face because she was in
her Garments but you can defiantly hear her. It’s hilarious.
The other video is of a Matsuri, Japanese Festival. Everyone wears
kimonos and that dance in the middle.
The pictures I will be sending is of us and our investigator Angela.
Anyways I love you all. Thank you so much for your support and love!

Brox Shimai


18 August 2014


Hello everyone, thank you so much for all of your letters last week they really made me feel better about everything. This week was good.
All though I came really close to breaking my foot. Last Saturday Sister lambert and I were housing and we were at an apartment building. We were leaving and coming down the stairs when I stepped on my foot wrong and totally twisted it. My ankle is fine it was the top bridge part of my foot . I heard it pop and then it started to hurt really bad. We kept housing for another hour and a half and then finally I told her we needed to go back cause I needed to put ice on it. We got back and I laid down and elevated my foot. Well we had an appointment at 6 that night that we could not reschedule because well just because. The  problem was after elevating it and giving it time to rest it was not happy when I tried to walk on it. It hurt so bad. But I suffered through it. I went any ways. That night I couldn’t even walk on it. Sister Harper kept telling me I need to phone sister Wada the Mission President wife and tell her about it but I wanted to wait a couple of days to see if it will go down. She kept teasing me and saying that if it is really broken and if I needed surgery I would probably have to go home. That got me thinking and I hated the idea of going home. I know I have been struggling and wanting other things but
I knew I wanted to stay because I was called to be here for a reason. I may not know the reason exactly but I know that God has a plan for me and he needs me here. I don’t understand or see the whole picture but God does and he is preparing me for something bigger. ( ohh that thought is kinda scary). One thing is for sure me almost breaking my foot helped me realize I really actually want to be here. It is another tender mercy from The Lord. When I woke up yesterday my foot was almost completely healed. Ok not fully I was still limping but I could at least walk on it with littler pain. Today the swelling is almost completely gone. It still is bruised in certain areas but the
good news is, it is probably not broken. Yeah :-). Sister Harper and I got to meet a PI that we have been trying to meet for a while. The meeting went great! I absolutely love her! We all just connected so well. She has a lot of struggles and personal things that she is going through but hopefully we can help through those things. She struggles with depression and it’s hard for her trust people but she really enjoyed our netting together so much that she
wanted to see us yesterday. She tried to come to church but couldn’t get a ride, and then we had a dinner appointment with the bishop and
his family later that night. We were extremely busy that we couldn’t make it work. Well we asked the bishop if we could bring her to dinner with us and of coarse they said yes. They made the plans to pick her up and drop her off after. She had a great time. We were happy that we were able to see her and help her create a friendship with the bishop and ward members as well. It was a great night. Things are good. I love you all! Thank you for all your support and encouraging words they really mean a lot to me!
Love Brox Shimai

11 August 2014


Hello family. Thank you so much for all of your letters this week. I
needed them. This week has been a little bit of a struggle for me,
mentally, physically, emotionally. No worries though, I’m not giving
up. I will be keeping on. I’m just tired. I know it’s just a moment
that will pass. One of our investigators told us she was going to
check out another church yesterday ( we won’t give up on her yet), and
then we had another investigator tell us she is not interested
anymore. And all in the same day. Ugh!!! It’s like a punch in the gut.
And then our other investigators are out of town right now. So we had
no one to teach. This week is already looking better. I’m determined
to somehow change my attitude and have fun this week. I need some
enjoyment 🙂 I did go on splits with President Eyring’s
granddaughter. She was nice.she just arrived a couple of weeks ago.
For dendoing ( missionary work) we are going to go do some different
things to change it up. We are going to go explore around our area
more. Apparently there is a cool forest somewhere in our area that I
want to go check out. Anyways thank you so much for your love and
support! It really means a lot to me. Sorry for the short letter. I
love you all


4 August 2014


Ouch! 🙂 Wow no one wrote me this week. If I had at least one person
write i would be ok but not getting one?! That is like a sting to the
heart. Alright enough of the woe is me 🙂 this week has been a good
week. We have had some set backs but we also have had some great
progress. We got three new appointments yesterday alone with potential
investigators to teach ( not investigators yet). Most of these people
we just want to build a relationship with. Most of them have had
lessons before but for some reason or another they stopped. One lady
doesn’t like the atmosphere of church at all. she has had some bad
experiences with churches growing up so she is very resistant. Her mom
is a recent convert and her son loves church and the missionaries and
he wants to get baptized but she won’t let him. She feels if he gets
baptized she will be alone. So we are trying to build a relationship
with her to show that our church is different. So she agreed to go eat
with us but just as friends. I think if we continue to build a
relationship with her and just be an example her heart will be
softened. And then we have Angela. This girl is straight up crazy. We
haven’t met her yet and she has already caused so much drama but we
are enduring it and trying to be friends so she can come to feel safe.
She doesn’t trust any one. We have had lots of phone calls with her
trying to befriend her and trying to meet up because a face to face
relationship so better then a phone conversation. She has had a hard
life. She has taken the lessons before and even had a baptismal date.
She is from the Phillipeans  and speaks English really well. Her
family called her and told her they needed money and so she started
prostituting herself and that’s how we lost her. And since she has had
a hard hard life and is wanting more peace in her life again. So we
are going to take it very very slow with her to build her trust and
hopefully her faith along with it. We were able to meet two less
active member who are sisters and they never lost there testimony they
just have a hard time coming to church because of busy schedules. One
sister has thought of going on a mission. It’s has been fun to work
with them to see them still have that testimony. It’s bee great. We
have a lesson with a lady named Naomi who wants to read the BOM in
English. I thing she will be golden but the thing with her is her
husband. But I’m not to worries about it all. I know God will provide
a way. We just have to help her build her faith as well. We have had
not been able to meet with any of out actual investigators this week.
Kondo San was suppose to come to church yesterday but didn’t show up.
We hope that she continues to progress. And then we haven’t been able
to meet with Fundi and Kazadi either. They have been to busy and we
wont be able to se them for another two weeks because they are going
to Kongo. Well that is the update for this week. I love you all! I’m
so grateful for this gospel and to be apart of the work to serve God
on this full time mission. I know the church is true. I know that
Heavenly Father and Jesus lives and he has a plan for us. I hope you
all continue your search for the end because it doesn’t end. We only
continue to grow beyond our wildest dreams. I pray for you all. Love
you so much! Thank you for your support and love.

Love sister Brox