25 August 2014


Well this week was great. Because I was able to cry out all my
frustrations and get an injury that made me realize I really do want
to be here I have been much happier. My mission president has been
great, I told him everything, when I was upset and didn’t hold
anything back, so of coarse like far away from home father he reached
out to me to make sure I was ok. He really wants to help me, so he is
signing me up for a tutor to learn Japanese. Me and a few other
missionaries are getting special treatment. I’m super stoked! I can’t
wait to get better! My foot is getting better. It still bruised and
achy but the mission doctor says he doesn’t think it’s broken but it
definitely is sprained. But it was a blessing in disguise. The Lord
really does work on mysterious ways. My companion and I are just
trying to have fun. She only has one transfer left and then she goes
home. So we are focusing on making the last times count and memorable.
I played a prank on her the other day. There is an Elder whom she does
not like at all, so when she was in the shower I wrote on her mirror
and taped a bunch of hearts everywhere.  On the mirror I wrote future
mrs. Quilter and the hearts told there ” love story”. So the video I
am sending is her reaction. I could get her face because she was in
her Garments but you can defiantly hear her. It’s hilarious.
The other video is of a Matsuri, Japanese Festival. Everyone wears
kimonos and that dance in the middle.
The pictures I will be sending is of us and our investigator Angela.
Anyways I love you all. Thank you so much for your support and love!

Brox Shimai


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