8 September 2014


Well we got transfer calls today…… Ughhhh, I’m not very excited.
This next transfer is going to be a hard one. I’m staying on
Tokorozawa but sister Harper and I split up. I’m now a part of
Tokorozawa sisters B, I was Tokorozawa sisters A. My new companion is
Sister Sorenson. In our apartment there was 4 of us and sister
Sorenson was one of them with Sister Lambert as her companion. So I
basically get to stay in my area but I have to move over to a
different companion. I already kind of struggle with sister Sorenson
as it is with just living with her but now I have to be with her 24/7
NOT COOL!  It is going to be hard. Clearly The Lord wants to teach me
patience. 🙂 I’m going to really need your prayers for the next 6
weeks.  I started tutoring this week. I’m excited I think it is really
going to improve my Japanese. Yay!! As far as teaching goes, I asked
Angela if she would ever be baptized and she didn’t say no she just
said she doesn’t think she can keep the commandments after being
baptized. So we have to continue to build her faith and her desire to
follow Christ. Fundi has been in Africa so we haven’t been able to see
him but we did give his wife a short visit. She was happy to see us.
We shared a short video with her in French about motherhood and how it
is a partnership with God. Then we testified of mothers and how great
they are! Well that’s all I really have for this week. Love you all!!!


My foot is doing better. I have to keep the cast thing on for one more week but it’s good.


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