15 September 2014


Hello my people :-),

Im writing super early today, it will probably vary from now on. Well
this transfer is going to be really hard for me. My companion is
actually ok. She hasn’t been to hard to handle yet but we have a new
sister who really pushes my buttons and I feel I might lose it with
her. I’m praying really hard that I can love her and my companion more
and to not be offended by her selfishness but it is so hard. Please
pray for me. I almost lost it this morning with her but I managed to
calm myself down. I’m hoping as time goes on it will get better.  She
doesn’t have the best reputation with other missionaries either. She
is known for being hard to handle. Heavenly Father clearly wants me to
learn patience this transfer and maybe he wants me to learn to not be
so offended. I’m working on it. πŸ™‚ I am not a perfect person nor am I
a perfect missionary but I’m trying to be better. I really hope I
transfer out next transfer. Well other then roommate problems my new
companion, sister Sorensen and I are surprisingly getting along ok.
Yeah there are things that really annoy me but I can more easily roll
them off. We have been working hard and we have been able to meet all
our goals of passing out Book of Mormons and talking to people and
stuff. That has been really neat. My tutoring has been going really
good as well. I’m excited to get better with my Japanese this
transfer. My companion has been great with helping me as well. I love
this ward and these people in my area. They are so awesome and loving
and so helpful. My first companion, Sasaki Shimai, has a twin and her
twin lives in my ward here. She has been so much fun. I love that I
was able to meet her. She is probably the most caring and loving
person I know. We have an investigator who’ s first language is
Spanish. She understands and speaks some Japanese but she struggles
with it at church because they use such hard Japanese. But Sasaki
Shimai will give a lesson and prepare for all of us, so she puts it in
Japanese, English, and Spanish. I just love that she puts so much love
and effort into things for all of us. Well family I think that is all
for this week. Most of it is just me ranting about how hard things
are. I will try and keep my emails more positive πŸ™‚ ok I love you
all!! I will send some pictures and videos
The following pictures are of me and sister Sorensen, Sasaki Shimai
and I, and the last one is of me when I was on splits with two other
sisters, sister Eyring, and sister Gappymayer, and we gave out two
Book of Mormons to two girls. It was way fun.


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