22 September 2014


Sorry family, I don’t really have time to write this week so I will
just send some fun videos and pictures of this last week. We had a
ward festival and they had drummers and dancers. It was a blast. I’m
getting along with my companion pretty well. I’m having fun!!! Oh we
have been preparing pretty hard core for emergency preparedness. this
is speculation, but I guess my Mission President had a dream that
while he was president their was going to be a huge earthquake and
actually all the Japanese talk about how they are suppose to have a
big one soon. But who knows if that will happen. Just know that if it
does happen, not to worry because I will be safe. The Lord always
protects his missionaries. With all the previous major disasters from
before ( Phillipeans and Japan) not one missionary was ever harmed or
lost. I think it would be exciting actually. Don’t get me wrong I
don’t want it happen and I don’t want people to get hurt but if the
earthquake does happen I would love to be here to help clean things
up. I think there would be so many miracles. Funny story, I was on
splits with another sister and we were eating lunch at a place and
talking about the second coming and how there was going to be huge
earthquakes and right in the middle of our conversation every persons
phone In the resturaunt off with warning everyone to get to safety
because of an earthquake and then we felt the earthquake. We both just
looked at each other and started smiling wandering how long do we wait
before we start running to safety. The quake wasn’t to bad and it only
lasted 20 seconds but, man, talk about coincidence. That was my second
earthquake I felt since being in Japan. It was kinda fun. Well I said
I had no time but I managed to write quit a bit. Love you all soo

Brox Shimai


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