29 September 2014


So this week was probably the busiest week I have had so far on my
mission. We had an appointment everyday and some times two. It was
mostly with members of the ward but with two appointments with members
they brought there friends to introduce us to them and then we met a
new lady on Saturday who needs help learning English for a job. It has
been a week of miracles. We have suffered on contacts but you know
what I don’t care. This week was amazing. Today for p-day we went to
the Tama Zoo. It is a huge zoo and it was only 6 bucks to get in. What
a deal! It was really fun. I have some pictures and a video I will
send. Me and Sister Sorensen get along great! The tutoring is going
great. I love it. But in order to improve more,sister Sorensen and I
have been getting up at 5:30 in the morning to read the BOM together
in Nihongo. We will see how long that lasts 🙂 but so far it’s been
great. With all the new people we met this week we don’t have any who
are seriously interested in the church or interested in taking lessons
but the softening of hearts has to start some where Iam Just happy to
be a part of the role. The area is great. I love my ward. Yesterday we
went and ate a the relief society presidents house. She is so much
fun. I love her. She put pictures up of us on Facebook. There is a
volcanoe somewhere in Japan that is starting to become very active. We
did have an ash warning to keep our doors and windows closed for the
night, but I think it’s to far away. We haven’t seen anything or have
been affected in any way by the volcanoe. Other then that nothing has
been going on. I love you all!!!

Brox Shimai


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