5 October 2014


I dyed my hair but in all honesty I didn’t want to
but the ugly growth was driving me crazy. I tried blonde before going
brown and I only did the lower half of my head knowing that the blonde
may not turn out and of coarse it did not. So I decided to just do
brown because it’s easier to up keep brown then it blonde. It’s too
expensive to go get it done professionally. So I will send you some
pictures of my new hair. Oh and I forgot to send pictures from the zoo
so I will do that now too. Well that was the big change that happened
this week. We don’t have any new investigators and the one we have now
is not very interested in the church she is only interested in
learning English. So we have no one we are really teaching which is a
bummer. We have been busy though. We put together a temple prep. Class
for members who are about to reach there one year mark. I’m excited
for that. We had a typhoon yesterday and today but it has passed and
we are all safe. Not much really happened actually except for a lot of
rain and some wind. It passed by pretty quickly. We had a fun softball
game last Saturday with the ward. We played 6am in the morning. It was
early, but way fun. Well nothing else has really happened. I love you

Brox Shimai



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