14 October 2014


My foot is completely healed. Things are great here in my area. I do struggle with another sister in our apartment but it’s not in livable. I get along with my companion great. I’m pretty sure next transfer I will be leaving. I will be suprised if I stay but we will find out next Monday. We don’t have anyone we are really teaching who is very interested in the lessons. I hope no one forgot that my birthday is in a couple of weeks! 🙂 can you believe it?! I’m going to be freaking 29. Only one year left before I turn the big 30! Man time flies when your having fun! Nothing great happened this week. We did have a couple of typhoons ( that
literally did nothing other then put us on house arrest). We did get a lot of rain but nothing dangerous. Hey do you know what comes after my birthday?…. Christmas!!…. Ha so I might have a little Christmas list. Now please do not feel like you have to get me anything,…. but…. If you were to send me stuff, I might need a new pair of good walking mission shoes.


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