19 October 2014


Today we get transfer calls. I haven’t been called yet that will be
later today. We got to email super early today because we are going to
Yamate which is two hours away, to see the area were   President
Hebert J Grant dedicated Japan and opened it up for missionary work.
I’m seriously excited. We will probably receive our transfer calls
while we are on the train. I really really hope I leave because I
really do not like this sister who is in our apartment. She is the
most selfish person I have ever met. I’m a lot of it is because of
cultural difference ( she is from Denmark) but man I can’t stand her.
She is for sure staying another transfer so I’m ready to leave. If I
had to stay I don’t know what I would do. I think I would flip on her.
I have already snapped at her a clue of times, and she just makes me
so angry and as a missionary I should not feel that way. I have been
trying. We have an investigator who I thought we would have to drop
but as we have taught her these last couple of times we have seen some
changes. Like she was embarrassed for us to talk about God in public (
we continue to offer to do it at other more private places but she
feels comfortable eating in public when talking to us) . But as we
shared our message last time she actually asked us out of no where to
go ahead and share our message. She didn’t seem embarrassed at all.
And she invited herself to church again. She plans to come next week.
We have met the cutest lady ever! She is a less active and we went
over to her house the other day for lunch. OMG she is so funny. She is
this happy hippy old lady. She is in her 70’s, she makes all of her
own clothes ( which are very stylish) and she has the best humor. She
just makes me laugh and she loves to make us laugh.  O my goodness I
just lover her so much. Her name is Sister Nagahama. Nothing else new
has happened thus far. We have been really busy and I love it. I love
you all!! The church is True and make sure to say your prayers every
day!! Love you

Brox Shimai


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