26 October 2014


Ok so we got calls last Monday and I got sent to a new area with a new
companion. I was sent to Hachioji on Thursday. My new companion is
Bickmore Shimai and she freaking rocks! She is probably the best
missionary I have meet so far. She works so hard and she is an amazing
teacher. And she is amazing at the language. I’m so excited I think
I’m going to learn so much this transfer. I have heard so many great
things about this area. The Bishop is so funny and the mission leader
is AWESOME as well. I think I’m going to enjoy this transfer. And on
top of that I live with Handy Shimai. Handy Shimai was my very first
companion from the MTC. Handy Shiami’s companion is Brown Shiami.
Brown Shimai is from New Zealand and these girls are the funniest
people I have ever met. I have laughed my butt off every night I have
been here. Bickmore Shimai has been here for 4 transfers and has
worked really hard and we have 7 investigators. Two of which she gave
the soft baptismal commitment to and they said if they get an answer
they would be baptized. So exciting. There is some pressure though
because there is a good chance this is her last transfer here and I
will be in charge when she leaves. There is pressure for these people
to connect with me and to teach them correctly. I hoping we will be
together for two transfers and that will help me feel better. I have
so much to learn from her. Thanksgiving will be in this transfer. I’m
so excited! We are hoping that we will get to go to a military base
for thanksgiving dinner like they did last year. I would be way sad if
that didn’t work out. Well family I’m loving life! I love you all!
Saturday is Shanna’s birthday so don’t forget to wish her happy
birthday 😉 ;-)! Love you!

Brox shiami


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