3 November 2014


Hello family and friends. All is well. I have been enjoying my new
area very much. We just got back from the temple and now we are on
Yokohama doing the tourist thing for the day. We are actually at the
mall right now siting in massage chairs and emailing. This is the life
😉 this past week was a blast. The girls and I carved pumpkins
Halloween night just before bed and then for my birthday the next day
we splurged and went to lunch and with a member we went bowling. It
was so fun. This week has just been so much fun. Mom thank you for the
package. The dress fits perfectly. I have learned a lot from my new
companion. She is just the best.we have been teaching a lot which is
good for my Japanese to get better. We practice a lot with ward
members but we have taught a couple lessons to investigators too. We
have one investigator who’s mother in law is against her doing
anything with our church so she has done everything to sabbatoge. So
she has decided to hold off on taking any more lessons until her
mother in law dies ( her words not ours). We are trying to meet with
the mother in law but she doesn’t want to. So that’s were we are at
right now. If you can pray her and her mother in law. Her name is
Rena. Other then that not much else has been going on. I love you all!

Brox Shimai


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