9 November 2014


Hello everyone. So this week has been great. Last Saturday I went on
splits with Handy Shimai (my MTC companion)  and we had a blast. First
of all, all of our plans were changed or canceled the last minute. So
we did nothing we planned on doing. So we kind of just made it all up
as we went. We went to a less active house to see if we could do some
service for her this week. We will be cleaning up her yard. But no one
has been able to get a hold of her to confirm so we decided to visit.
Handy Shimai didn’t think she would be home because every time they
try and visit she isn’t there. Well she was home and we were able to
confirm a day and time with her. But the coolest part was what
happened after. We decided to do some housing around that area and we
ran into a lady who was walking an older lady around the block. This
lady worked at the old folks home and she likes to take them out for
walks every once in a while. So this worker lady saw us and started to
talk to us and she wanted us to talk to this old lady. It was the
cutest thing. The old lady use to sing when she was younger and still
loves to sing, so I got it on video for everyone to see. It’s the
cutest thing. The worker lady was so grateful for us for stopping and
talking because it made the other ladies day. Well we continued to
house and of coarse we weren’t getting any where. No one wanted to
listen to our message. But then we came to this one house and we were
giving our introduction over the voice box speaker to this lady and
when we thought she hung up on us she came out of her house and
started to talk to us. She was busy at that moment because she had
family over and they were putting there grandkids in kimonos and
taking pictures but she told us to come back again. So this week Handy
Shimai and Brown Shimai are going to visit her. It was a GREAT day.
And then on top of that I found out that the girl I first found when I
first got to Japan, my FIrST day there has been taking the lessons
this whole time and wants to be baptized but her father won’t let her
yet. But I couldn’t believe it! I had no idea. I remember her too. She
was a young teenager and she had a CTR ring on her finger because she
did a Home Stay in Utah with an LDS family. She was only there for a
couple of weeks or months but she loved it and they gave her that ring
as a present. I was just so happy and grateful to hear that someone I
found was determined to get baptized. This made my day. I’m still
grinning from ear to ear. It just goes to show that you really don’t
know your impact on people until later in life or maybe not even until
after this life. Well guys this about sums up how I’m feeling and my
week. I love you all!!!

Brox Shimai


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