17 November 2014


Well this week was pretty uneventful but crazy all at the same time.
My companion got sick and is still sick so a lot of our time has been
spent indoors. The other two sisters have been switching off every
other day who is sick. So sometimes I would just go on splits with the
unsick one and we would go out and dendo ( do missionary work). The
other two sisters have stress related sicknesses so, on gets really
bad migraines the other one just gets depressed. So it’s been crazy!
This morning we had a service project and we went to the park to clean
up. I got a letter from Angela yesterday. Angela was my investigator
in my last area. She wrote me and told me that she is having a hard
time right now. She has hard core trusting issues. She has really bad
depression as well so it’s hard for her most of the time. She told me
how she appreciated my letter I wrote her when I left and she told me
I was her favorite, she really felt like I truly cared for her. I
think she might be giving up on the whole church thing. I think that’s
what she was saying, I don’t know, it was really hard to understand
her letter because her English is not that good. any ways , if you
guys could pray for her I would really appreciate it.  We had a really
good lesson with one of our investigators last week. We did a candy
bowl and we said if at anytime anyone feels the spirit to grab a candy
from the bowl and we will pause the lesson for a little bit and talk
about what we feel. We gave her a list of things of what the spirit
might feel like. She keeps telling us she doesn’t know what the spirit
feels like. So that’s why we decided to do the candy bowl. It worked.
She felt the spirit. It was awesome. I don’t know where her heart is
when it comes to really wanting to join the church. She makes it
impossible. We keep asking her to come to church but she just doesn’t
want to make it a priority. She said she would be baptized if she ever
got an answer but she keeps telling us she isn’t getting one. I asked
her if she believed that Joseph Smith was a true prophet and if he
really restored the gospel. She said yes, but still is unwilling to
accept that as her answer. She is a difficult one. Well family that’s
all I have for now. I love you all.

Brox Shimai


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