23 November 2014


Wow is all I can say. I have never had such an opportunity to be led
by the spirit so much. Last Saturday was the best day of my mission
thus far. Ok so let me back track a little. Looking back now I can see
gods hand in everything we had done that led up to this great day. A
couple of weeks back (like 3 weeks) Bickmore Shimai and I went to
visit a member. It was a spur of the moment thing. We never made an
appointment with them we just decided to drop by and try and get a
picture of there family so we could update our member book with recent
pictures. As we stopped by this families house, not all of them were
home so we weren’t able to get a picture, but we asked if we could
pray together and pray for success around their neighborhood. We left
their house and immediately after we saw this lady outside her house
and we noticed an American flag style bike cover so that’s how we
started our conversation with her. The her daughter came out and we
started talking to her too. I can’t even remember how the conversation
went but we asked if we could visit again and they said oh ha sure.
They did say they weren’t very religious but we could stop by and talk
Ok so that is one being set up.
Ok so there is another lady whom we talked to when we were on our way
to visit another ward family. She lived on this ridiculously steep
hill.when we talked to her she was interested in English. Well that
was a couple of weeks back as well and honestly we forgot all about
Ok well I will get back to her in a minute.
Ok for this last lady, I was on splits with Handy Shimai and we went
to visit a less active on the spur of the moment.again this was about
2 weeks ago.  On the way there Handy Shimai was telling me that every
time she has gone to visit this less active no one has ever been home.
But we decide to go and try anyway. We get there and she was home. So
we were able to visit with her for a little bit. We set up a project
to come back and help her with her house to clean up the yard. We
finished and Handy wanted to do a little housing around that area so
we did. This is were we met that old lady who sang for us. ( the video
I sent before). Well we were housing when we came up to a house and we
were talking through the video doorbell thing when all of a sudden we
could hear that they hung up on us. So as we were turning around to
walk away this old lady comes out with a big smile on her face. She
knew right away we were mormon missionaries and that we didn’t drink
coffee or tea. She was excited to see us. But she said to come back a
different day because at that moment she was busy doing a family
Ok so now for Saturday.
For us these were normal days. The only lady I really saw true
potential with was the last one when she said she wanted to see us
again. On Friday night Bickmore Shimai and I were making our plans for
the next day and to be honest there were so many other things we
probably should have done but this plan just felt right. Saturday
rolls around and it started off as a disaster. I missed my tutoring
appointment because I thought it was at a different time and then we
were waiting for a member to come by but I got the day wrong. So it
just started off wrong. For our plan we decided to meet with the First
Lady and daughter and then we were going to visit a less active and
then visit the third lady.
Ok so our day starts as a disaster .we get to the First Ladies house
and we knew she would talk to us but we didn’t expect to much out of a
gospel sense. We get there and she is way excited to see us. The
mother was there but the daughter wasn’t. That’s ok. We get to talking
and of coarse we try and bring up church and the gospel she tells us
she isn’t religious. Ok that’s ok, but we keep talking in casual
conversation and then we try again and this time we bring out the BOM.
With the BOM we have a piece of paper that is called ” Questions of
the Soul” and it has common questions people have like where do we
come from, what is our purpose, etc. so we bring out this piece of
paper and she starts pointing to all sorts of different questions that
she has had. So then we look one up and have her read the BOM and she
loved it. She did tell us t hat she does believe in God and she prays
everyday because her mother told her to do that when she was young. So
she prays and gives thanks but that is as far as she goes with
religion. So then asked how she prays and then we brought out one of
our pamphlets and opened to the page about prayer. It has a picture of
a couple folding there arms. We had her read the part of how to pray,
example… Dear Heavenly Father, blah blah blah, in the name of Jesus
Christ amen. She started trying to memorize the order of how to do it
and we told her she could keep the pamphlet for herself but she
wouldn’t take it. Then we tried to give her the BOM and she wouldn’t
take that either. She says when she reads she gets dizzy so she didn’t
want to take it. But we did get a return appointment to read it with
her. WE JUST GOT A NEW INVESTIGATOR! What! Ok we were really happy and
super excited.
So then we continue to our next place and that was to visit this less
active. On the way there out of no where Bickmore Shimai and I
remembered about this one lady we met on the way to a different
members house and it turned out that the less active we were going to
visit lived by this lady whom we had totally forgotten about before.
So the less active wasn’t home ( or just didn’t answer) so we decide
to go visit that lady and talk to her some more. We get there ring her
doorbell and she comes out. And we talked forever with her. She had so
many questions about Christianity and she asking hard questions about
war and why Christians are always at war. To be honest I did not
understand Hardly any of it. Then she straight up aske out of no where
that if she did find our church to be true then what did we want her
to do after that and then we told her we would want her to get
baptized but all we can do is teach it is up to you and your own free
will if you want to accept and be baptized. Then she talked some more
and in the end she said, I have interest come back again, wow!! By
this point we were mind blown. We couldn’t believe it. WE JUST GOT 2
INVESTIGATORS  in one day. We were on cloud 11. Man we were so happy
and we knew this was the most inspired day we have ever had. But we
weren’t even close to finished.
We leave to visit the last person we planned on visiting. And I knew
from my previous encounter that it would go well. We get there and we
ring the doorbell. We say hi through the video doorbell thing and she
hangs right up and comes out. She told us to come in. As we follow her
inside I turn to Bickmore Shimai with a huge grin on our faces because
we knew it was going to go well. We sit down and get to know her a
little bit. She tells us that her son use to be an investigator 30
years ago and she went to church with him a couple of times. We think
she also took the lessons but we weren’t quit sure through the
language barrier. Her best friend was mormon and that friend died last
year. That friend was also a less active member. So she knew we didn’t
drink tea or coffee. She gave us some mugicha ( and herb tea) and a
piece of chocolate cake. She was just the cutest thing. All of these
ladies are grandmothers and probably in there 70’s. So we ask her if
we could share a short message and she said yes. We stared with a
prayer and opened the BOM to the Questions of the Soul page. She
picked out the question, When you someone important to you dies. We
opened it up and talked about heaven. It was very simple and brief.
Then I felt like I needed to tell her something, I told her that God
led us to her. She looked at me and I knew she felt the spirit. We
finished with a prayer and just the way she was acting I knew she was
feeling the spirit. She did too. She said she liked that feeling and
she wants to keep feeling it. She did tell us that she didn’t want to
go to church but she does want to learn. Then her husband walks in. He
is the nicest guy ever. They are such a cute old couple. We started
talking to him too but not really about church stuff, but he k ew who
we were to. And then he said, ya come back next week. We can’t count
him as an investigator yet but she is defiantly one. WE GOT 3 NEW
INVeSTIGAtORS! All in one day!!  What the crap! This just doesn’t
happen here. We were so happy.
And when we thought the miracles had stopped ( because those were some
pretty big miracles), we started to walk home and we went a different
way the. The usual route we take. As we are walking we walk past a man
and he says, Misionaries?, we stopped and said yes. Then he told us he
was a less active member and has been for years. We had a fun
conversation about America, and then Bickmore Shimai said,” ya come to
church tomorrow, Im teaching Sunday school, so you should come. ” we
didn’t think he would come because most of them don’t, but he showed
up the next day. It was amazing. This is what I thought a mission was
like. That you would see miracles like this all the time. But man it
was a great day!!! These people are so prepared to hear the gospel,
and I feel so lucky to be a part of it. Thank you all for all of your
prayers. I love you all!!

Brox Shimai


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