30 November 2014


This week was crazy busy. We had so much going on. Wednesday during
eikaiwa ( English class the missionaries teach) we had thanksgiving
dinner instead of class. It turned out so awesome! We were able to buy
a couple of turkeys and we made mash potatoes and gravy and pumpkin
pie and cranberry sauce. It wasn’t quite home but it was pretty dang
close. And our students loved it. It was so fun. We did have our
follow up appointments with our miracle people from last week but of
coarse there is opposition in all things right? We only taught one of
them. She was so nice and was wondering why we were missionaries. She
believes in God but her husband is a different religion and so she
says she would never change. She was just making it hard. We asked her
if we could continue to teach her but in a very nice why she said no.
She wasn’t willing to take action. She didn’t want to go to church or
do anything like that. She was so nice and we are grateful she at
least let us in to listen to our message. We wouldn’t have changed
anything about the lesson or anything so we know we did what we were
suppose to.  Our other lady we had an appointment with wasn’t home.
She did tell us that sometimes she goes to places with her daughter.
We figured she may have forgotten. So we will keep visiting her until
she is home. The third lady we referred to the other Sisters since
sister Handy and I were the ones who found her we gave it to sister
Handy and her companion. They said there appointment went great. That
lady also said she wasn’t willing to change but she will listen. We
will run with that. But she is just the cutest thing. When the sisters
were sharing the message the husband didn’t want to participate but
then they started talking about family history and he turned the tv
off and joined them. He brought out his family history and they had a
great discussion. And he said ga come back next week and we will talk
more about family history. So we think they found the key to unlock
there hearts. We did splits this week with the Kofu sisters. It takes
like 2 hrs to get to Kofu from where we are. But man, that train ride
is beautiful. I took a video of parts of it. The mountains filled with
trees that are all the colors of fall. And then the clouds were low
and the view was just breathtaking. Sorry ky I think this video will
make you miss Nagoya ( I think). Well fam, that about sums my week up.
Love you all!!!

Brox 姉妹


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