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28 December 2014


Christmas was ok. It was sooo fun being able to talk to my family. Oh how I miss them. We went to visit some members on the ward and the husband ( who is less active) was the only one home. But he was really nice to us, I guess that is really rare. Usually when missionaries go over he is always mean. But he came out and talked to us for a little bit. His daughter is on a mission , I think he was able to talk to her that day and that may have soften his heart that day. They celebrate Christmas but it isn’t as big as New Years. There New Years is huge. For this New Years we will be going our to watch the first sunrise of the year. It will be a good opportunity to speak to people. I’m excited.


23 December 2014


This weekend has been busy and fun. Everyone is getting into the
Christmas spirit. They don’t have Christmas like how we have Christmas
but the Christmas spirit is still strong. Last Sunday we got a huge
Christmas package from the ward. It’s full of candy and stationary and
tights so we can stay warm. It’s getting really cold here. The coldest
month is Feburary  so it’s not something I’m looking foreword to. In
another week it will be a new year and I will be coming home not to
far off. 🙂 I’m enjoying my time here. It’s been a struggle trying to
meet with everyone because of the holidays. We have been teaching this
one girl who is a less active. She has been less active for like 10
years. She got baptized when she was 16 and was active for 2 years and
then went inactive after that. Her name is Megumi Shimizu. She is my
age. I have really enjoyed teaching her. She wants to come back to
church but her job makes it impossible and she doesn’t remember
anything about what we believe. So we have been teaching her the
basics. We have an investigator who makes it really hard not to just
drop her. Jk . I would never drop someone who wants to keep learning
but she is so frustrating. We went to her house that is Avery long
bike ride and she wasn’t home. We had an appointment with her and even
confirmed it the day before but she wasn’t home. Ugh. It didn’t help
that, that day it was snowing/ raining. It was freezing cold that my
hands hurt soo bad. But we survived. She is almost impossible to make
an appointment with. And then our other investigator has just been to
busy with work and everything. The weather has been rough but things
have been good. The ward members are awesome and So fun. Sunday we had
a little event with the mission president and we were able to watch a
part of “it’s a wonderful life”. I love that movie. Tomorrow we have a
huge Christmas event with the mission. I’m so excited. It’s going to
be so fun. And the the next day I get to call you all!! I’m so
excited! I more then likely will be bawling my eyes out when I see you
all because I just miss you all so much! I’m waiting to open my
presents from my package until Christmas Day. Well family that’s about
it from me. I love this gospel and I’m so grateful for my savior Jesus
Christ. He is the reason we have Christmas. Let’s not forget the
importance of Christmas. The real message of Christmas. I know this
church is true. I see miracles everyday. If you are struggling, please
get on your knees. He is there and listening. I love you everyone!!
Merry Crhistmas!! See you in two days!!
Chad and Karol congrats on the baby boy! I can’t wait to see all these
new babies when I get home :-).

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15 December 2014


It’s getting cold outside and I hate it. It snowed once but the snow
didn’t stick and it was literally only for 20 minutes. This week was
ok. I was sad when Handy Shimai left. But I know it will work out for
her and she is doing what’s right for her. So as for Christmas calls I
will be calling you at 10:00am my time on Christmas Day which means it
will be 5 pm Christmas Eve for you guys. ( I think, I’m pretty sure)
one thing is for sure I will be calling you at 10 am my time.

We had some great things happen this week. An investigator that the
missionaries have been working with forever has decided he wants to
get baptized next month. We are so excited for him and his wife. His
wife got baptized 10 years ago. So I’m pretty sure she is beyond
excited. As a ward we will have two baptisms next month. The Elders
are working with both of them. But we are all excited regardless. My
companion got into a bike wreck this last week.but everyone is ok. On
Friday my companion and I got to go to a Christmas concert with one of
our PI’s. We had so much fun. She invited herself to church which was
awesome. She said that when she doesn’t work can she come to church.
We were excited to hear that. Her name is Noriko. She use to live in
Utah for 3 months with an LDS family when she was young. She went to
church every week with them and when she saw missionaries she got
really excited because she had no idea we had a church out here. She
is older now. She is married and has 2 kids. I’m excited to work with
her some more. She is coming to our Christmas party so I’m excited for
that. Other then that nothing exciting has happened. Mom I got your
package. Thank you!

Love you all!!!

Love Brox Shimai

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9 December 2014


Well another transfer has taken place and I’m staying put in Hachioji.
I will probably be staying put for a while. My new companion is Hotu
Shimai and Handy Shimai. Hotu is from Australia. She is way cool. I
think this transfer will be good. These last two days have been
absolutely insane. Handy Shimai had to go home so that why I didn’t
get my email out yesterday. We have been home packing things for her.
It’s been crazy. I’m way sad about it too. Handy Shimai was my very
first companion and then I was her last. My heart breaks for her. She
is defiantly struggling but I think she will be ok. So now it’s just
me and Hotu.,hey when do you want to do Skype phone home. I can do it
from dec 22 – 25 so for you guys that’s the 21-24 th. When would be
best for you guys? I’m so excited to call home. I’ve been getting home
sick. Especially now that Handy left I’m way sad. I’m now senior
companion. I seriously feel like I can’t do anything. The language is
stil hard for me. My tutoring lessons are done and now I feel like all
of my training wheels have been swept from under me. Now that I’m
senior comp. I will be the one depended on to know what people are
saying and what to say next. I’m a little overwhelmed. I definitely
need prayers this season. Thank goodness it’s only one Christmas. I
really don’t think I could miss two.well family I love you.

Brox Shimai