9 December 2014


Well another transfer has taken place and I’m staying put in Hachioji.
I will probably be staying put for a while. My new companion is Hotu
Shimai and Handy Shimai. Hotu is from Australia. She is way cool. I
think this transfer will be good. These last two days have been
absolutely insane. Handy Shimai had to go home so that why I didn’t
get my email out yesterday. We have been home packing things for her.
It’s been crazy. I’m way sad about it too. Handy Shimai was my very
first companion and then I was her last. My heart breaks for her. She
is defiantly struggling but I think she will be ok. So now it’s just
me and Hotu.,hey when do you want to do Skype phone home. I can do it
from dec 22 – 25 so for you guys that’s the 21-24 th. When would be
best for you guys? I’m so excited to call home. I’ve been getting home
sick. Especially now that Handy left I’m way sad. I’m now senior
companion. I seriously feel like I can’t do anything. The language is
stil hard for me. My tutoring lessons are done and now I feel like all
of my training wheels have been swept from under me. Now that I’m
senior comp. I will be the one depended on to know what people are
saying and what to say next. I’m a little overwhelmed. I definitely
need prayers this season. Thank goodness it’s only one Christmas. I
really don’t think I could miss two.well family I love you.

Brox Shimai


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