15 December 2014


It’s getting cold outside and I hate it. It snowed once but the snow
didn’t stick and it was literally only for 20 minutes. This week was
ok. I was sad when Handy Shimai left. But I know it will work out for
her and she is doing what’s right for her. So as for Christmas calls I
will be calling you at 10:00am my time on Christmas Day which means it
will be 5 pm Christmas Eve for you guys. ( I think, I’m pretty sure)
one thing is for sure I will be calling you at 10 am my time.

We had some great things happen this week. An investigator that the
missionaries have been working with forever has decided he wants to
get baptized next month. We are so excited for him and his wife. His
wife got baptized 10 years ago. So I’m pretty sure she is beyond
excited. As a ward we will have two baptisms next month. The Elders
are working with both of them. But we are all excited regardless. My
companion got into a bike wreck this last week.but everyone is ok. On
Friday my companion and I got to go to a Christmas concert with one of
our PI’s. We had so much fun. She invited herself to church which was
awesome. She said that when she doesn’t work can she come to church.
We were excited to hear that. Her name is Noriko. She use to live in
Utah for 3 months with an LDS family when she was young. She went to
church every week with them and when she saw missionaries she got
really excited because she had no idea we had a church out here. She
is older now. She is married and has 2 kids. I’m excited to work with
her some more. She is coming to our Christmas party so I’m excited for
that. Other then that nothing exciting has happened. Mom I got your
package. Thank you!

Love you all!!!

Love Brox Shimai

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