23 December 2014


This weekend has been busy and fun. Everyone is getting into the
Christmas spirit. They don’t have Christmas like how we have Christmas
but the Christmas spirit is still strong. Last Sunday we got a huge
Christmas package from the ward. It’s full of candy and stationary and
tights so we can stay warm. It’s getting really cold here. The coldest
month is Feburary  so it’s not something I’m looking foreword to. In
another week it will be a new year and I will be coming home not to
far off. 🙂 I’m enjoying my time here. It’s been a struggle trying to
meet with everyone because of the holidays. We have been teaching this
one girl who is a less active. She has been less active for like 10
years. She got baptized when she was 16 and was active for 2 years and
then went inactive after that. Her name is Megumi Shimizu. She is my
age. I have really enjoyed teaching her. She wants to come back to
church but her job makes it impossible and she doesn’t remember
anything about what we believe. So we have been teaching her the
basics. We have an investigator who makes it really hard not to just
drop her. Jk . I would never drop someone who wants to keep learning
but she is so frustrating. We went to her house that is Avery long
bike ride and she wasn’t home. We had an appointment with her and even
confirmed it the day before but she wasn’t home. Ugh. It didn’t help
that, that day it was snowing/ raining. It was freezing cold that my
hands hurt soo bad. But we survived. She is almost impossible to make
an appointment with. And then our other investigator has just been to
busy with work and everything. The weather has been rough but things
have been good. The ward members are awesome and So fun. Sunday we had
a little event with the mission president and we were able to watch a
part of “it’s a wonderful life”. I love that movie. Tomorrow we have a
huge Christmas event with the mission. I’m so excited. It’s going to
be so fun. And the the next day I get to call you all!! I’m so
excited! I more then likely will be bawling my eyes out when I see you
all because I just miss you all so much! I’m waiting to open my
presents from my package until Christmas Day. Well family that’s about
it from me. I love this gospel and I’m so grateful for my savior Jesus
Christ. He is the reason we have Christmas. Let’s not forget the
importance of Christmas. The real message of Christmas. I know this
church is true. I see miracles everyday. If you are struggling, please
get on your knees. He is there and listening. I love you everyone!!
Merry Crhistmas!! See you in two days!!
Chad and Karol congrats on the baby boy! I can’t wait to see all these
new babies when I get home :-).

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