4 January 2015


Hello everyone. How was New Years? My New Years was fun. The Japanese
love New Years. It’s bigger then Christmas. It’s a big deal to see the
first sunset of the year. So that what we did. And I was able to use
my fun new camera and get pictures. I tried to do a time laps but I
don’t know if I did it right so we will see how that works later. I
love my new camera. I haven’t been able to take it on a bike ride yet
because it has been to cold to ride bikes but Im Getting some fun
stuff. This week has been absolutely crazy. We have been to a member
house for lunch and dinner everyday this past week. And since it is
rude not to eat we had to eat A LOT  of food, it’s disgusting how much
we ate. So our diets start Monday 🙂 I never Te breakfast because I
was so full from the day before. I never got to the point of throwing
up but it was close every time. Oh the things we do for the love of
our ward members. I seriously can’t imagine how the missionaries in
America do it. They get fed so much. It makes me very grateful I was
called to Japan. All though they seriously eat a lot too. They just
don’t feed the missionaries very often. It was fun though. The ward
members are great. This year is going to fly by which makes me excited
and sad. I really can’t think about it to much. So excited to be done
and see my family and have a somewhat normal life again, but sad
because my time in Japan as a missionary is coming to an end. I still
have a while, I know, but it has already gone by so fast that half
year is even quicker. Knowing that it’s coming to an end helps me slow
down and appreciate were I’m at in the moment. The people I get to
teach and meet. And the relationship I have with my Father in Heaven
is so much stronger. I’m so grateful for the decision of serving a
mission. I know it’s going to help me and my family beyond what we can
see. And all of you have helped me get here. It was a lot of years of
preparation for me to realize this is were the Lord needs me to be.
But I’m glad I listened to the spirit that day. I’m so grateful for
all of your support and love. I love you all so much!!! I pray for
each and every one of you!!!

Brox Shimai
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