11 January 2015


So I got transferred. I’m way bummed. I was only in Hachioji for 2
transfers( 3 months) and I love it here. I wanted to stay, and I
thought I was staying so when I got the call that I was transferring I
was way suprised. But on a happy note I am going to be companions with
Ashby Shimai again. She was my companion on my second transfer here in
Japan. I’m excited to be with her again. It will be fun. I’m
transferring to Hodagaya. I’m now on my 8 th transfer and after my 12
th transfer I come home. So it won’t be long. Oh and just an
announcement, it is probably very unlikely but I wanted to put it out
there just in case. If anyone wants to come to Japan to pick me up
they can. But I would need to know probably pretty soon because they
book our flights home 6 months in advanced and they will ask me if any
one is picking me up to prepare for it. I know Kylan wants to come.
But this is the other thing I’m a very poor missionary so if anyone
does come they will have to pay for me too when It comes to the
accommodations and stuff. Just FYI :-)) ( super huge smiley face) ;-)!
Food for thought. Well things here are really good. I can truly say I
love my mission now. It took me a year but better late then never. If
it took me a year to adjust to missionary life I’m scared how long it
will take me to adjust back to normal life. I hear it is always harder
coming home. Ughhhh!  Sigh! It still sucks getting up in the morning
but oh well what can you do. I have more energy these days. I think my
body has finally caught up to the mission schedule now too. The
language is coming. I’m understanding more and being able to
conversation easier so that’s fun. We are working with an investigator
who loves the missionaries and she will get baptized someday but it’s
going to take her a little while longer. She is building her faith and
as soon as she gets that confirmation it won’t be long. She is
awesome. She is struggling with her kids and she told me the other day
something that almost brought tears to my eyes. She said that she has
been looking back on how she raised her kids and she said ” I think I
did it wrong”, I just felt for her at that moment. I told her that’s
why we have Jesus Christ and his atonement. So that things we feel we
did wrong or things we want to improve, we can do it through Him. I
love seeing little changes in her life that bring her closer to God.
Even if she doesn’t quit realize it yet. Mineko is her name. It was
her and Shimizu Shimai ( a less active) who helped really love being a
missionary. I have a testimony of this church. I know it’s true. I
know God and Jesus live. And I hope everyone is preparing themselves
by reading there scriptures and praying day and night. Our kids will
learn good habits from there parents. Let us all be those good
examples and make sure we are creating the habits we want for our
kids. 🙂 ok there is my missionary rant!!! I love you all!!!! Bare
your testimonies as frequently as you can! Help find people who are
ready! Love you so much!

Brox Shimai


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