18 January 2015


Hello family. How is everyone? I’m good. I have transferred over to
Hodogaya and this place is not as pretty or as cool as my last place
so I’m kinda bummed. But I live close to Yokohama so we will probably
do a p-day or two there every once in a while. My apartment is
awesome. I have a two story apartment so it’s nice and roomie. And it
is only 2 sisters who live there not 4 like the usual circumstance. So
there are some plus’ to this move. So far the ward is great. They are
all really nice. Oh I did go to the doctors the other day. I was sick
2 weeks ago and I had sinus pressure that went into my ear and i got
really dizzy from it. The pressure and the sickness went away but I
still get a little dizzy sometimes so we went and got it checked out.
They said it was nothing to be concerned about. My ear still showed
some stimulation ( I’m wondering if she meant swelling) from the
pressure but they gave me a prescription and sent me on my way. It
should go away but if it continues after 10 days then I will go back
and get another check up. Ohh another down side to this new area I
have moved to is that it is full of hills. I HATE hills!! I hate
biking with hills so I mostly just walk them. These are not hills that
you can just push through it, these hills are like Monsters. They suck
just to walk up them. Oh well. I was able to meet two little girls
that the sisters have been working with. One is 8 and the other is 9.
They come to church every week. The sisters never got permission to
teach them from the parents so we can’t teach them but the mom did
give permission to do activities and church. So of coarse we can work
with that. They walk themselves every Sunday to church. And they are
the cutest things. I’m excited to work with them. Other then that we
need to find people to teach. So we will be doing a lot of finding.
Well family that is about it for now. I love you all!!!

Brox Shimai

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