25 January 2015


Ok I’m loving this area. I was really sad at first to leave Hachioji
but this area is just full of promises. We are working with two little
girls. Megumi 10 yrs old and Nozomi 8 yrs old. I think them alone make
this move worth it. They are so cute. So we can’t actually teach them
because we need permission form their mom. But the mom did give us
permission to do activities with them. So every week we try and do
something with them. The amazing thing about them is that they come to
church every Sunday since the sister missionaries found them in July.
Last Saturday we made no bake cookies and we did teach them how to
pray.( yes with out permission, hopefully it doesn’t bite us in the
butt). But it was so cute because when we first taught them to pray
they were nervous to pray, but after learning and trying it just one
time they want to pray all the time now.  Megumi is more mature and
calm whereas Nozomi has a short attention span. Megumi told us that
she is going to pray all the time now, before bed, before school,
before leaving the house, before meals. It was so cute. And then on
Sunday they wanted to volunteer to pray for everything. They prayed
for the wards shokuji ( mealtime) after church in front of everyone.
Soo cute right?! And since coming to church they participate in
everything. In July they new nothing about God and Jesus Christ and
now they raise their hands in primary to answer the questions. Oh and
e best part is I get to go to primary with them. I LOVE it so much.
Sunday I felt like a proud mom just watching them grow and
participate. They even sang with the primary in sacrament meeting. So
they are basically members they just aren’t baptized. We are going to
try and talk to the mom again and ask for permission to teach them the

Then we have Minami 17 yrs old and Hikari 15 yrs old. They are so cute
too! See what I mean about this place? Did I mention I LOVE it? Ha ha.
Any ways, Minami loves missionaries and english. She will come to game
night but as far as real interest in the church I’m not sure. Hikari
on the other hand has been doing personal progress with the sister
missionaries. I was able to teach her for the first time on Saturday
night and we asked her if she wanted to take the actual lessons and
she said yes. I mean she is doing personal progress for goodness sake
I think it’s time to get her baptized! So freakin cute! All of these
girls!!! I really hope I stay here the rest of my mission. I would
really like to see them continue to progress and grow and get

So as you can tell I’m doing great! I’m loving my mission and the
people I get to teach! This transfer we have been working harder and
seeing tons of miracles because of it. Pleas pray for these girls. My
goal is to get at least 4 baptisms. I think they are ready. 🙂 any
ways love you everyone.

Brox Shimai

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