8 February 2015


Hello everyone. We have seen some miracles this past week. I know I
have written before and told you of the girl we found on my first day
in Japan. But you all may have forgotten that story so I will tell it
again. My first day I got to be a real missionary. I woke up got ready
and went out with an older missionary ( a person who has been out on
the mission longer) to get our first experience to proselyte. The
first person I talked to was this girl and I noticed she had a CTR
ring on, so I asked her if she was a member. She said no, she did a
home stay in America and stayed with a LDS family and they got her the
ring when she left. Well as the conversation went on I didn’t say much
because I didn’t speak much Japanese. After that I got sent to
Fujisawa to no longer hear about what happened. I had no idea that she
started coming to eikaiwa ( English class) well long story short
almost a year later (11 months to be exact ) she has decided to be
baptized. Her baptism is this Friday. She is the cutest thing. She
wrote her family in America and sent a postcard with just her
baptismal date on it. So cute. She was worried about her dad being
against it but after she talked to him about it he came to church to
check it out and he told her that if she gets baptized then she has to
stay devoted to this faith for the rest of her life. And of coarse she
gladly accepted. It just goes to show that we don’t see all the seeds
that we plant grow, but God sees everyone and he really does have a
plan for everyone. I’m so grateful to have been the person to invite.
I was a tool in Gods hands. But it’s also way cool because she was the
very first person I talked to. 🙂 so fun! I’m so grateful for the
gospel and I love to see people come closer to Christ and to accept
him as their savior. I love his gospel. I hope everyone is praying
everyday. Just be praying we are utilizing the atonement. I hope
everyone uses it multiple times through out the day. Love you all!!
I’m grateful to have you for eternity.
Ohh and I forgot, we went hiking with the ward this last Saturday. We
hiked up mount Takao. I will be sending you some fun pictures and
videos. I will upload them onto Facebook as well. Takao is so cool.
They have all these shrines and temples and they way up and down. I
hope one day to take my family to these areas. They are so fun.

Love you

Brox Shimai

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