16 February 2015


It’s official, Moeka got baptized this last Saturday. Woo how. I
didn’t get to go to the baptism but my heart was still there with her.
It’s fun to share the gospel. I love it. Last Friday we had a sisters
conference and it was a lot of fun. I got sick this past weekend. I
have been throwing up. Yesterday I was feeling queazy on and off. I
made it through church just fine but hat night we went to a members
house for dinner and we had authentic Chinese food because she is
Chinese. Well she had us help her prepare it and it was raw meat. I
must say that is not the most appealing smell when you are not feeling
to well. And then we ate it. She prepared a LOT of food.  I ate a lot
but not as much as the others, and then on top of that we had to bike
home. Let me just say I was proud of myself for holding it in until we
made it home. Not a fun experience. Well I’m feeling much better
today. I think I threw up most of the junk yesterday.
The two girls haven’t come to church these past two weeks. I’m way sad
about that. But we keep visiting them and they want to come but they
decide to play instead or they have to do chores or something. We are
trying to set up an activity with them this week, they want to make
pancakes. 🙂 we have a new investigator, Tomomi, and she is my age
and has a 5 yr old son. I may have already talked about her before but
we taught her last Wednesday and it went great. She really wants to
know for herself. We have hope in this one. We really feel she could
get baptized but of coarse we can never make that choice for her . All
we can do is invite. I really hope things go good with her. Keep her
in your prayers.
Other then that I have nothing else. I love you all!!

Brox Shimai

P.s. Happy birthday Chad, Kylan and Sara


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