24 February 2015


So this week we got transfer calls. And today was Temple p-day which
is why I did not write yesterday. So as far as transfers go I get to
stay in the area that I love so much and I get a new companion, Wilson
Shimai. She is Polynesian and has this beautiful long curly hair that
I’m way jealous of. I heard she is very easy going so I’m excited. But
there is more I was also called as Sister training leader, bluh. Not
to happy about that part. To much responsability that I don’t want to
be accountable for. Oh well I will take it and run.  Pray for me so I
don’t screw everything up. Jk. I don’t think it will be a problem (
hopefully). As far as investigators go, we taught Kaneko san last week
and we asked her if she wanted to be baptized and she said someday she
will. So tomorrow’s lesson we want to set a date with her. I’m so
excited. And then we have Tomomi san who is awesome. She is our new
investigator. Last week she was having a hard time and we went and
visited her to drop off a belated valentine and we had an amazing
break through with her. She was crying that night because she is
struggling going through a divorce and she had been praying to know if
God was there. When we showed up she said she knew that God was their.
We testified and comforted her and then we had her open the BOM to a
random page so she could get an answer. The scripture we found was
about praying and fasting and they did wax strong in their faith. We
asked her if she knew what fasting was and she did not know. So we
told her it is a way to get extra strength and help from God. We asked
her if she wanted to fast and she said yes. So we fasted together on
Wednesday. It was awesome. We all broke the fast together by having
dinner but I had to be quick because we had to get back for teaching
English class, so we weren’t able to teach a lesson. But she said she
liked it. We were suppose to have an appointment with her that
following Friday but her son got sick and she couldn’t do it. We are
going to visit her tonight. So hopefully we can teach her then. I’m
pretty sure she is going to get baptized sometime in the future. I’m
loving this area. We are seeing so much success it’s awesome. Well
that’s all for me. Love you all

Brox Shimai

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