3 March 2015


Ok so this week has been crazy busy. And it’s just started. I told you
last week that we got a baptismal date!! What!! I’m way excited.
Kaneko san agreed to a baptismal date and she is planning on getting
baptized 5/17. I couldn’t believe it. This last transfer has been
amazing! So many miracles. We asked Tomomi san if she was ready to be
baptized and she is not quit ready yet but she will be praying for a
baptismal date. I’m way stoked! So many miracles. And then to top it
off the two little girls we work with, one of them got up during
testimony meeting and bore her testimony! She was so sticken cute. She
just got up and said how they have been coming to church since last
August and she was very grateful to all the missionaries. It was so
cute. Luckily we have a plan. On Saturday we are doing an activity
with them and with another member and her daughter. The members
daughter ( Remi) is getting baptized this Sunday so we are going to
talk about her baptism with the girls. And hopefully we can teach them
with out directly teaching them. Someday they will for sure get
baptized, it just might later in their life. In the mean while we are
still trying to figure out how to meet the mom to get real permission
to teach them. Oh I just love this place. My new companion is awesome.
I don’t see us having any problems ( at least for now) 🙂 ha ha jk. I
love her. Things are going really good. We are crazy busy with lessons
this week. With members, less actives, potential investigators and
actual investigators. I love being this busy. If all goes according to
plan we would have taught almost 30 lessons this week. And that is an
amazing week. I’m so excited. I’m in my 9 th transfer which means
after this transfer I only have 3 more left. And next transfer I get
to call home again…. Woot woot! And that will be the last one until
I come home. Well family, I love you!!



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