8 March 2015


Hello family! This week has been a pretty awesome week. We have been
teaching a lot and staying busy and I like it. Yesterday was a great
day. So we have this investigator who has a baptismal date but
struggles coming to church. We had a lesson about the importance of
coming to church and we really tried to have her see the blessings she
can get from coming. She finally committed to coming to sacrament
meeting. And then after sacrament meeting we had a baptism so she said
she would come to that too. We tried to   have her bring her family
but she said it would probably just be herself. So church roles around
and she doesn’t show. We thought for sure she wasn’t even coming but
we went outside and saw her and her family pull up in the drive way.
She made in time for the baptism. And she brought her family. We were
so excited. The husband didn’t come in. He just dropped them off. But
it was a great day. We had 9 non members come to the baptism
yesterday! It was amazing. We may have not properly prepped her well
enough though. She was surprised and kinda seemed uncomfortable at the
end. But we will see her on Wednesday so we can work our her concerns.
But please pray for her. Her name in Kaneko San. It was a great week.
Sorry that is it from me for now. Love you all

Brox Shimai


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