22 March 2015


So much happened this weekend and then not a lot happened. To start
out our we week we had a mission conference and Elder Nelson came and
spoke to us. It was way good! I love Elder Nelson. He was awesome! I
liked this conference better then Elder Ballards but his was good too.
We had a special conference about the proper use of electric devices
aka iPads . We have to return our iPads that we have now and we will
be getting new ones this week. And as part of that we will be taking a
break from Facebook for about 3 months or something like that. We
actually don’t know how long until we get to use again, it’s all up to
our mission president. When he feels we are ready to use it again he
will tell us. We had Another conference the next day after that. It
was a long week of a lot of sitting but it was a good spiritual
booster. These conferences lasted all day too. Man I’m just so
exhausted but it was good. This last weekend we had another ward
activity and we went to Kamakura which is a really old area of Japan
but it is also a very big tourist area too. The walked around to all
the old Shrine temples and then we went and saw Big Buddah. It was so
fun. We took a potential investigator of ours. She is actually
straight up crazy! But she just needs love. She is looking for
acceptance and love but she is a pathological liar. She really lies
about everything. She is older, she is in her 50’s. She says she is
married to an American and she showed us pictures but we think she is
just obsessed with the guy in her pictures. She says he lives in
America. She was born and is from Seattle Washington and she is grew
up there. Her english is pretty good but I would never had thought she
was from America. But we can’t tell what she lies about and what she
doesn’t. She is obsessed with the Elders. At one point she wasn’t
going to come and asked us to take pictures of the elders for her. Of
coarse we told her we couldn’t that that is inappropriate. So when she
showed us her picture album we found all of these pictures of a
previous elder who use to serve here. And now she loves this new
Elder, Christensen Choro. She is crazy. She has been around for a
really long time. The whole ward knows all about her. She use to come
to the english class we teach and then she would tell lies about the
church to people and then we would never see those people again. She
no longer comes to English class because we got rid of the advanced
class. She wasn’t the only one, I guess there was a group of them that
would come to the advanced class and bash the church. It was just a
huge mess. We hadn’t seen this lady for a while but then recently she
has been showing up again. She comes to church sometimes. I don’t
know. I know she has a sickness but she is a little crazy. But we just
love her anyway. Her name is Kyoko. Anyways she came with us to
Kamakura because she wanted to see the elders. Well family that is
from me. I love you!! 愛しています!


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